Introducing Sales+

We are beyond excited to introduce a brand new product that has been a long time in the making.

Sales+ is a complete Sales Management tool for the education industry designed to simplify the receiving and processing of online enquiries and applications.

It allows you to streamline your Sales process:

  • Collect Online Enquiries and Enrolments/Applications
  • Nurture Enquiries, Opportunities and Enrolments
  • Publish Courses in one click
  • Customise form design, branding and the form submission process

We encourage you to to explore the full capacity of Sales+. Below you will find links to:

  1. Recording of Sales+ Discovery Session
  2. Sales+ Website
  3. Sales+ Learn Resources
  4. Getting started Feedback Questionnaire

We hope you enjoy Sales+ and we look forward to supercharging your Sales processes.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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Once you have had a chance to explore all the Sales+ features, simply complete this Feedback Questionnaire and one of our Engagement Specialists will be in touch.

Happy supercharging your sales process!

New Portal

Why a new Portal

The Wisenet Portal has been updated for enhanced Security, Usability and Functionality. It also allows us to more easily add additional account and user management functionality in the future.

Wisenet-New Portal-Why a new portal

How does this change impact me or my organisation?

The new portal is designed to feel familiar yet have improved styling and usability. You should also notice improvements to performance especially with login times and clicking through to LRM. 

The only major change is that Settings has moved into LRM.

REMINDER! It is important to have transitioned to the new user access roles as the new roles are essential for the right access in LRM. For example, if you are not assigned with Owner access for LRM, you will not be able to edit Settings.

Explore the new Portal


Introducing a new User Interface to easily view, access and update:

  1. Profiles
  2. Users
  3. Account
  4. Help & Support


All your Wisenet Profiles in one place:

  1. View and Access all your Wisenet Applications such as:
    1. LRM
    2. Moodle
    3. Learner App
    4. Online Enrolment
  2. Upload a profile image for each profile to help you easily identify between profiles (if you have more than one)


As Portal Administrator, this is where you will manage users’ access to the Portal and Applications.


View and Access a summary of all your current users and total Invitations per profile. The summary is further broken down into how many invitations have been sent and pending; how many user invitations have expired, been declined and been cancelled.


  • Get a glance of user details such as their username, contact info and access levels for the Portal and Applications.
  • Get an outline of who is currently logged into LRM or not.
  • Modify access level when/if required.


  • View User Invitation Status, i.e. Accepted; Cancelled; Expired.
  • Resend invite if status is expired.

Invite User

Invite a new user to a desired profile and assign relevant Portal and Application access.

My Account

  • Allows all users to view and update their personal account details.
  • As Portal Administrator this is where you can update Profile logo.
  • Change your password or request a password reset.

Help and Support

Explore our free online resources to help you along the way. If you need support with a complex issue, submit a Support Ticket and one of our customer support specialists will happily assist you.

Action Required!

  • For Portal Standard User, No Action Required.
  • For Portal Administrator, please action the following:
    • Add logo(s) to your Profile(s)
    • Review User Access if not already done previously

Highlights: January 2022

Reflection is an important activity within all aspects of our lives. Often our busy agendas distract us from taking a step back to ponder. It’s a useful exercise that can lead to realisation of progress (or lack of) and what changes can be made to improve. Ultimately this leads to change and higher levels of satisfaction.

Looking back on 2021, I’m extremely proud of the Wisenet team and what we have achieved while largely working from home. Major new features include new highly automated Elearning Integration and Application Management. In addition to all of the feature releases we have also enhanced security, reliability, performance and deployment processes. This allows us to release updates frequently throughout each week during business hours which means more updates to you without disruption.

The most exciting news is that much of what we have been working on in 2021 is almost ready to release to customers. This is a new Sales product designed to streamline the process of receiving online enquiries and online applications directly into Wisenet. We are in the final phases of development and working with beta customers and look forward to sharing this with you in the coming weeks.

There are of course many other enhancements and new features that we are working on, some of which are outlined below.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

Major Updates

New Opportunity Actions

Designed to provide quicker access to the Sales Contact or to complete common actions.

Available in

  1. Opportunity Board
  2. Opportunity List
  3. Opportunity Slide Out

LEARN MORE: Opportunities

Minor Updates

Enhancements to Slide Outs

The slide out drawers have been refactored to improve load time performance plus uses new colours to improve usability. This is in the Sales and Logbook sections.

Xero Invoice Reference

The Xero Invoice Reference field is now being synced to Wisenet. This will happen automatically for any future Invoice change. If you would like old Invoices updated you will need to choose the resync Invoices option in LRM > Settings > Connected Apps > Xero.

Agent > Enrolments / Applications

  • Filter Enrolments by Course Offer Code and Enrolment Status
  • Filter Applications by Course Offer Code and Application Status

Timetable > Class > Learner List Enhancements

The Learner List grid has been updated to improve usability

  • Refinteral has been added
  • Tooltip added to show RefInternal and Date of Birth
  • ‘Status’ changed to ‘Attendance Status’
  • Informal Name (if exists) now shows in brackets appended to the First Name eg. Peter (Spiderman)

Learner Add and Edit Validations

Improved validations for

  • Email – Email field moved up to trigger the validation before pressing save
  • Date Of Birth – Now has warnings if less than 18 and 15
    • Also useful when current year is incorrectly set

Learner Profile > Course Enrolments

Enhancements have been made to improve performance as well as improve the information included in the tooltip, notably Location and Study Mode.

Exclude Superseded Units in Course Offer

Additional filters have been added to the Course Offer > Select Unit Offers page to default hide Superseded Units. A Unit can be set as Superseded with a Superseded Date within the Unit section.

There is a filter option to “Include Superseded Units” in case required.

New Duration Type Added

  • ‘Days’ is now a duration type option to choose
  • Available in Course, Course Offers and Course Enrolment

Learner App

Inactive Learners in LRM can no longer edit their personal information in the Learner App. They will instead be required to contact their training provider for any changes to their personal details. A message will be displayed next to the disabled ‘Edit’ button to advise the relevant learner.


You can now open multiple Learncycles in different tabs to allow you to work on them at the same time by simply clicking on the ‘external-link’ icon.



CHESSN service has been retired in LRM due to it being decommissioned by the government. CHESSNs will be auto assigned by the TCSI integration and updated in Wisenet.

CHESSN Management in TCSI

Victoria 2022 AVETMISS Export (AUS Only)

Export has been updated to accommodate 2022 changes to the NAT130 file. There are 2 new fields

  • Commenced At School Flag
    • Located in Course Enrolment
  • Specialisation Name
    • Located in Course Offer

NAT File Guidelines

SDR 2022 Export (NZ Only)

New fields added:

  • Total Fee 2022 and 2023
    • We have added TotalFee2022 and TotalFee2023 which is needed for SDR

Changes to existing fields:

  • Fee Assessment (ASSIST)
    • Change to the description for code = 13
      • Description = Refugee or protected person, yet to be granted a resident visa; the immediate family, also without a resident visa, of a person with refugee or protected person status; and those who have made a claim to be recognised as a refugee or protected person
    • New record with Code = 14
      • Description = 2021 Resident Visa pathway, children 25 years or under on 1 January 2022 and residing in New Zealand, of a parent on an eligible work visa for the 2021 Resident Visa
  • Fees Free Eligible
    • New record with Code = 2
      • Description = Student is eligible for fees-free, started fees-free consumption in 2022, and will always have status as 2

You can capture COVID-19 Vaccination details for both Learners and Staff in Wisenet LRM. Vaccination Status values can be managed in Settings > Dropdowns.

Highlights: November 2021

“You may delay, but time will not.”  –  Benjamin Franklin

A lot of consideration and planning is done towards the sequencing of new features. This is vital to ensure that features are delivered as quickly as possible without causing disruption to your business. We then engage with customers to encourage transitioning to the new features. 

Most customers have transitioned to the new user access roles but there are still some that have not. The new roles are essential for the upcoming roll out of some major new features (which we hope to share with you soon).

There have been a number of enhancements to Elearning Integration with most customers having transitioned to the new version. We have also worked with customers to understand requirements for collecting Covid-19 Vaccination details and delivered a solution.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

Major Updates

New Portal

The Wisenet Portal is being updated for enhanced security, usability and functionality. This will allow us to more easily add additional account and user management features in the near future. The new Portal is going through final testing and will be released soon.

There should be no impact to users other than an updated user interface. The only major change is that Settings has moved into LRM (see below).


Wisenet Apps Settings is now in LRM by navigating to LRM > Settings > Apps Settings.

These settings were previously available in the Portal by Portal Administrators. Now users with LRM Owner access are responsible to manage Apps settings. Relocating the settings to LRM allows all settings to be managed in one place for an account.

A quick reminder to ensure that you have transitioned Users to have the correct access levels before accessing Apps Settings.

LEARN MORE: Settings

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

The requirements for COVID are ever changing throughout different jurisdictions. We have opted to provide a flexible solution to capture Vaccination details, rather than very specific fields that would quickly become obsolete. A list of new fields include:
  • Learner
    • Personal Details – View and Edit Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes
    • Profiles Special Care Panel – New items for Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes when a value exists
  • Staff
    • Details – View and Edit Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes
  • Settings
    • Dropdowns – Manage Vaccination Status values

We have created an article to help guide you through some examples on how you can track COVID-19 information.

Minor Updates

Canvas Integration

  • Moving forward, when a Learner is set to ‘Active’ in Wisenet, the Learner will be automatically Accepted AND Enrolled in Canvas. The Learner will no longer need to manually decline or accept their Enrolment in Canvas.
  • Courses in Sub-accounts will now also sync to Wisenet from Canvas.

Moodle Integration

  • Now supports multiple groups. Must use ; as the separator eg. Melbourne; Bob Jones would ensure that 2 groups are set against the ElearningEnrolment in Moodle.
  • There is a new setting Elearning Groups Restriction which allows the customer to restrict Elearning Group management to Add ONLY.
    • This allows Group Management in both Wisenet and Moodle without Wisenet removing Groups added manually in Moodle
    • If this setting is NOT enabled then Wisenet is the source of truth and removes groups not set in Wisenet

Tweaks to New Roles

Since releasing new roles in September we have been making a number of tweaks based on customer feedback.

Move Course Offers

This feature allows users to move enrolments from one course offer to another. This was restricted to Owner or Admin roles. The following changes have been made:

  • PowerUser: able to ‘Move Course Offer’ when either an Application or Enrolment
  • User: able to ‘Move Course Offer’ when Application only

Revert Enrolment back to Application

This feature allows users to revert a Course Enrolment back to an Application. This was previously allowed for Owner, Admin, PowerUser and User roles. The following changes have been made:

  • User: The ‘Revert to Application’ option is now unavailable

Trainer Timetable

You can use the Trainer Dropdown within Timetable and select All Trainers to see all the trainers that have a class linked or assigned to them.

Agent Email Template

A new Email template is now available in Agent Logbook which can be set in both Settings as well as Agent Logbook.

Logbook File Download Options

You can now download and save a Logbook File by right-clicking on the actual file and selecting “Save link as”.

NZQA Export

A new Search field has been added in NZQA Export. Customers should now be able to search by:

  • SetID
  • Provider Ref
  • Reject Reason
  • Export Date

Status Reason is now labelled as Enrolment Status Reason

Previously known as Status Reason is now renamed as Enrolment Status Reason. Learncycle will be automatically updated to show the updated Enrolment Status Reason immediately if there’s a change to any Status Reason.


Action Required!

If you are a Training Provider reporting to TCSI and you have not yet transitioned to the new Wisenet roles introduced last month, we then urgently request you action the following:

  1. Allocate New Owner Role – Connected Apps is now only available for the new role ‘Owner’. Decide who within your organisation will be the LRM Account ‘Owner’ and allocate this new access role to the relevant staff member(s).
  2. Resync TCSI Data – Please resync TCSI data from LRM>Settings>Integration> Connected Apps>PRODA/TCSI. We recommend resyncing data for all of September to ensure that all records are up to date in TCSI.
  3. Monitor the Resync – Use Event Alerts as well as Report #0952 (TCSI Reported Data Overview) to ensure that there are no issues syncing to TCSI.

When you log into Wisenet LRM, you can easily identify the User Role you are logged in as from the Footer section of the page.

Wisenet-September Highlights-Footer User Role
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Highlights: September 2021

Since the release of the new Elearning Integration and Application Management, many customers have successfully transitioned to the new features. This has provided a lot of feedback into further functionality that we have or will be adding.

The new user access roles has been a common request and is even more important now that customers are providing access to more of their staff to manage different aspects of the Education Management process. The new roles will be essential as we roll out some major new features later this year.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

Major Updates

New Access Roles

We have released some new and updated User Access Roles to provide customers with greater flexibility in how they can provide just enough access for each User to complete their job.

Based on customer feedback, we introduced some new User Roles and tweaked some permissions of existing Roles. This was completed over 2 stages in the last couple of weeks , and all Portal Administrators should have received emails prior to the release of each stage.

We highly recommend that you take time to review the Transition to New User Access Roles which explains what has changed and what you need to do.

Settings: New Look & Feel

The Settings section has changed to accomodate the addition of New settings and Roles.

Settings have been grouped by type and will differ according to your User Access Role.

LEARN MORE: Settings

Owner View:

Admin View:

Sales Admin View:

Minor Updates

Elearning Enrolment Rules: Additional Rule Type for Unit Enrolment

You can now choose whether you want Unit Enrolment rules to only be applicable when a Unit Enrolment has commenced (based on Outcome Codes).

This option is OFF by default but when the option is turned ON, the rule will only set Access = Enabled when the Unit Enrolment has commenced based on the following Outcomes:

  • Australia: Commenced if Outcome is NOT empty, 85, NS, @@, 100, 105
  • New Zealand: Commenced if Outcome is NOT empty

LEARN MORE: How to Set Up Elearning Enrolment Rules in Wisenet

Canvas Integration now support Sections

The Canvas integration initially mapped Wisenet Elearning Groups to Canvas Groups. Feedback from customers is that they preferred that this would control Canvas Sections instead. We have now updated the integration to manage Canvas Sections instead of Canvas Groups.


Grade Point

A new field Grade Point has been added to the Unit Enrolment > Gradebook Unit Update section. This allows a specific Grade Point value to be entered against a Unit Enrolment.

This has also been added in the Auto Grade feature allowing it to be set as part of the Elearning Grade sync.


A number of enhancements have been added to the credential section

  1. User role can no longer Issue Credentials. They can only Request Credentials and a higher access level can Issue.
  2. There are additional checks and warnings when Issuing Final credentials:
    1. Xero Invoices with Due Amount greater than $0
    2. Unit Enrolment(s) with End Date in the future
    3. Unit Enrolment(s) with Outcome that is incomplete AND End Date in the future
  3. No longer able to delete a requested credential. The only option is Cancel. This ensures greater transparency into requested credentials

LEARN MORE: Credentials


Improved look & feel for Filter and Calendar controls.

Work is still underway to transition all reports to use new field aliasing, i.e.

  • Client First Name to Learner First Name
  • COR Start Date to Course Enrolment Start Date
  • CUOR End Date to Unit Enrolment End Date


Opportunity and Sales Contact

Users with Sales Access will see their contact details automatically populated in the Owner field when adding Opportunity and Sales Contact.


Enrolment Dashboard

Actual End Date will now be permanently visible on the Enrolment Dashboard.

LEARN MORE: Enrolment

New API Endpoints

The Course and Unit API Endpoints have been extended allowing additional functionality.



When you log into Wisenet LRM, you can easily identify the User Role you are logged in as from the Footer section of the page.

Wisenet-September Highlights-Footer User Role
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Highlights: July 2021

Last month we introduced Application Management which is a new feature designed to streamline your Education Sales Management processes. We are now working on additional new online sales features that will be released later this year. 

While these larger Sales projects are progressing, we are forever updating existing features. July saw a number of enhancements across the product particularly within Opportunities, Reports, Elearning and Grades.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

Major Updates

NEW Opportunity Filter

  • Filter by all Opportunity fields
  • Pick and choose which fields to filter
  • Filter memory preserved

LEARN MORE: Opportunities

Additional enhancements to the Sales Section

Bulk Update

  • Bulk Edit Opportunities
  • Bulk Send Emails to Sales Contacts linked to the selected Opportunities

Send SMS to Sales Contact


Moodle Grade Plugin v4.1

This version provides better control on when grades are synced to Wisenet:

  • All grades within a category must have a grade before an Auto Grade Activity will be raised
  • New settings to allow users to restrict Grading to specific CourseID’s
  • Added logging for Auto Grade events to Moodle Logs

Most customers have already updated to v4.1 Please contact us if you need help.

LEARN MORE: Auto Grade

Application Management

Last month we introduced/released the new Application Management feature. Since then we have added a number of enhancements based on feedback.

  • Applications page added to Sales section where you can view all Applications for your organisation in one page
  • Tweaks to User Interface
  • Improvements to Online Enrolment flow

LEARN MORE: Education Sales Management

Minor Updates

Learner RefInternal

The auto provisioning RefInternal field will now only be numeric after the 3-letter customer code. This removes confusion around I, 1, O and 0 and also ensures that the field is more predictable due to being an incrementing number moving forward.

All old RefInternal values will be preserved and this will only apply to new Learner records. The numbers will be configured to start at XXX2000001 and increment from there.

Report Section Enhancements

We are in the process of making a number of changes to the reports section to make it easier to obtain desired reporting outcomes. Feedback from G2 reviews is that while the reporting section is powerful and provides a lot of benefit, it can be hard to find the right report.

We have made the following changes:

  1. Report list shows 20 records per page
  2. Report page size increased from 10 to 20
  3. More easily view fields for a selected report
  4. More easily search and find fields in a filter

We are also in the process of reviewing and updating each report with:

  1. New report category, name and details for consistency
  2. Removing old and unused reports
  3. Reviewing all field naming to be consistent and in line with Wisenet pages eg. 
    1. Client First Name to Learner First Name
    2. COR Start Date to Course Enrolment Start Date

This report review process takes time and we will be working through the list starting with the most used reports. Report numbers will not be changing and we hope that these changes will make it easier to find and run reports. If you have any troubles finding or running a report then please log a support.


Completion Pathways

New fields Completion Pathway and Completion Pathway Notes have been added to the Course Enrolment section. This allows a provider to track how a Learner progresses.

It is a custom dropdown allowing each provider to choose their own values. We have collated a set of recommended values.

Grade Point

A new field Grade Point has been added to the Unit Enrolment section. This allows a specific Grade Point value to be entered against a Unit Enrolment. This has also been added in the Auto Grade feature allowing it to be set as part of the Elearning Grade sync.

While adding Grade Point we reviewed and enhanced the Unit Enrolment field layout grouping. 

Grade Point can also be used in uReports.

Inactive Workplace Contacts and Agent Contacts

It is now possible to set a Workplace Contact and Agent Contact to Inactive. This will allow these Contacts to still be linked with a Learners Workplace or Agent for history purposes. But Inactive Contacts will not be able to be added to new relationships.

LEARN MORE: Organisations

Learner App Timetable New Calendar Control

Learners can now access and view their class timetable via their mobile phone where they can tap on the class which will then open in a Pop Up showing the full class details.

LEARN MORE: Introducing Learner App to your Learner


  • Elearning Grade Category Name length can now support a maximum of 2000 characters
  • You can now bulk edit Elearning Enrolment Group and Notes
  • Additional search options for Auto Grade activities within the Review Tab where you can now also search by Source Info

LEARN MORE: Elearning Integration

Event Alerts

By default, Event Alerts shows alerts for the last 7 days. Customers can now choose to view older alerts by choosing the number of days in the new Days Dropdown option.

LEARN MORE: Event Alerts


You can now choose to insert placeholders when adding a Learncyle activity to Send Email.

LEARN MORE: Learncycles

TCSI Updates

  • Changes made to Unit of Study Loan Fee % to support the extension of the Student Loan Fee Exemption for Higher Education programs
  • Many tweaks to TCSI integration logic and event alerts to streamline the integration process including a number of performance enhancements


Email Templates for Learners

You can now choose to use an Email Template from within Learner > Send Email

  • Email Templates can be set up for the Learner Section from within the Settings section.

LEARN MORE: Email Templates


You can do a Print Screen of your Logbooks to print records in Wisenet and you can also copy the Logbook record URL to share.

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Introducing Application Management

We are excited to introduce a number of new features to streamline your Education Sales Management processes.

Those who attended our webinar (see recording) earlier this week learnt of the upcoming Application Management release. Application Management makes it easier to visualise the sales process and have separation from an enrolment record with a distinct application review process. All of these changes are included in all editions!

This article provides an overview of all of the changes made to support Application Management. We have focused a lot of attention on ensuring that we minimised the number of changes and learning required to use both old and new features.

The NEW Application Management is just one feature within our overall Education Sales Management offering. We have a number of other Sales features that we are working on scheduled for release later this year. We strongly encourage that you begin the journey and read our philosophy on Education Sales Management.

We hope you enjoy this release and we look forward to any feedback.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

NEW Application Management

NEW Course Enrolment / Application Dashboard with capacity to view and do MORE

  • Centralised overview of the Course Enrolment / Application Record.
  • The dashboard view will change depending on whether the record is an Application or Enrolment.
  • Counts and quick links to related records.
  • Includes the logbook list and logbook actions.
  • Able to quick change Status and Status Reasons from the dashboard.

Learner Profile

  • Enrolments are now split into Enrolments, Open Applications and Rejected Applications.
  • All of the action dropdowns have been updated for consistency.
  • Course Enrolment links default to the new Dashboard page.

Course Offer

  • Separation between Enrolments and Applications.
  • New dashboard counts for Open Applications.
  • All of the action dropdowns have been updated for consistency.
  • Course Enrolment links default to the new Dashboard page.

Add Course Enrolment

User can Choose to Enrol or add Application Review Process:

  • Enrol – This follows the current Enrolment Process
  • Application – This uses the new Application Process where users will choose Application Status
  • There are a number of options available to add Checklists, Units, Elearning Enrolments depending on whether Enrol or Apply.

View / Edit Course Enrolment / Application

  • The details page has been updated to display appropriate information depending on whether the record is an Application or Enrolment.
  • Application has Accept and Reject options that take the user through the appropriate flow. This includes setting any linked Opportunity to Closed Won or Closed Lost based on the Application being set to Accepted or Rejected respectively.
  • Editing a record will be similar to previous capability.

uReport – Letter of Offer

  • Letter of Offer regions previously only included Course Enrolments with an Enrolment Status = Enquiry or Pending.
  • Letter of Offer regions now also include records with an Application Status = New, Reviewing, Pending.
  • This will allow old processes to continue to work and it will also allow customers to transition to use the Application feature.


The Learncycles have been updated to include Application capability:

  • On Course Enrolment Creation is now On Course Enrolment / Application Creation
  • New trigger options for Application Status and Application Status Reason
  • New trigger condition to schedule off new field Application Expiry Date

Sales Opportunity

Two new fields have been added to allow other ways to categorise Opportunity records:

  1. Tags
    • Categorise opportunities how you desire
    • Managed centrally via Settings > Dropdowns
  2. Pipeline
    • Allows grouping by Sales Team (Melbourne vs Sydney or Short Course vs Diploma)
    • Setup via Settings > Dropdowns

Settings > Dropdowns

  • Application Status Reason.
  • Pipeline.
  • Tags – Course Enrolment and Opportunity.

Add Elearning Enrolment Options

New options are available allowing Elearning Enrolment(s) to be added to Learner(s) during the actual Enrolment event. The default is No to prevent incorrectly enrolling users into all Elearning Courses. The user must explicitly set Yes. This option appears in:

  • Add Course Enrolment
    • Adds any Elearning Course(s) linked to the Course Offer
  • Accept Application
    • Adds any Elearning Course(s) linked to the Course Offer
  • Add Unit Enrolment(s)
    • Adds any Elearning Course(s) linked to selected Unit Offer(s)

Online Enrolment New Acceptance Options

  • When processing an Online Enrolment the user can either accept immediately or add to the Application Review process. 
  • This provides more control in managing the application process and also allows you to leverage a more robust review process including logbook and automation.

Home Dashboard

  • The home dashboard has been redesigned to better fit widgets on the page.
  • Improved to include all new Event Alert capability.

Public API

  • A number of changes were made to accommodate the new Application Management changes. These have all been done to prevent breaking customers integrations.
  • An Application is actually the same record as a Course Enrolment and hence is part of the course-enrolments endpoints. The logic is:
    • Application – When Course Enrolment does NOT have an Enrolment Status
    • Enrolment – When Course Enrolment has an Enrolment Status. And Application Status = Accepted
  • Therefore the following changes have been made to automatically handle new Application Status:
    • If Enrolment Status is provided and Application Status is NULL the API will auto set Application Status = Accepted
    • If no Enrolment Status or Application Status is provided then the API will auto set Application Status = New
    • If an Enrolment Status is provided and the Application Status is provided other than Accepted an error will be returned

How to get started?

  • The NEW Application Management is included for all Wisenet customers and while you do not need to use the feature we encourage you to review your current application requirements
  • Whether your enrolments are created manually, from online enrolment or a custom integration, the application feature allows you to better control and visualise the process
  • When processing an Online Enrolment the user can either accept immediately or add to the Application Review process.
  • Applications are excluded from government reporting
  • Learncycles allow you to automate key milestones. If you use the new Application Management features you may need to tweak your Learncycles
    • Change to use new Application Status or Status Reason fields instead of Enrolment Status and Status Reason fields
    • Add new Learncycles to create Tasks, Emails or SMS based on new Application Expiry Date field (eg. If Application Status = Pending and Expiry Date is Today then Email the Learner advising that the application has expired, set the status to Rejected)
  • If you used central enquiry course offers to prevent rejected applications from dirtying your enrolment list, you can stop. You no longer need to do this as these records will be kept separated in the new Application section.
  • All EXISTING records at time of release will be considered as an Enrolment. The existing enrolment status will remain and the Application Status will be set to Accepted. You can manually revert an Enrolment to be set as an Application.

Learn more about Education Sales Management.

Wisenet-Did you miss our webinar-Banner

Introducing Application Management

Education Sales Management presented to you by our top presenters, Ash and Alister.

15/06/2021  43mins59secs

See More Recordings

Highlights: May 2021

Winter is coming and so are a number of exciting changes. Some we are sharing now, and others that we will be sharing soon via Webinar (stay tuned).

In our April 2021 Highlights we shared some early previews of Canvas Elearning Integration; the new Opportunity List feature; Event Alerts; Xero Integration enhancements; and other compliance updates. These new and updated features have been well received by customers.

We also mentioned that we initially launched our new Logbook functionality, but decided to roll back to the old version while we made a number of enhancements thanks to customer feedback. The enhanced Logbook design is now ready to launch and you can read more below regarding the specific enhancements. We have also added additional Group and Grading functionality to the Canvas integration.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

Major Updates

New Logbook changes are designed to enhance rather than be a complete redesign

We have kept the overall concept and layout of the controls similar to the previous design to reduce the amount of new learning for users. The key changes include:

Enhanced design

  • New slide out design that is used in other new sections in Wisenet. Designed to reduce the number of full page loads.
  • Consistency in controls allowing for reuse throughout the application
  • Allows new upcoming features to be added more easily and quickly (more news on this coming soon)

Specific Features

  • Print Screen and Copy URL options
  • Improvements to File Management performance
  • Sales Contact Send Email: ability to send emails to other email addresses

Explore the enhanced Logbook design!

Canvas Elearning Connector with more integration options

Last month we released our new Canvas Integration that focused on Elearning Course and Enrolment syncing while we rounded out the integration to include Groups and Grades.

Group Sync

This allows you to set a Group against an Elearning Enrolment in LRM, and the integration will ensure that the Canvas User is enrolled into the right Elearning Course within the right Group Set and Group.

Grade Sync

This killer feature uses Wisenet’s Auto Grade functionality. It allows you to set up Auto Grade Rules in Wisenet that defines which Grade fields need to be updated to what values based on an incoming Grade Value from an LMS.

When Grading occurs within Canvas, it triggers a grade sync event which uses the Auto Grade logic to determine

  1. whether the Grade should be synced
  2. and if so what Grade updates will occur

This feature significantly reduces grading data entry between systems.

Explore the extended Canvas Integration features now!

Minor Updates

Learner App

View uReport Documents

When a uReport is generated there are options on whether this should be visible in the Learner App. Enabling Learner App visibility on the uReport document will ensure the document appears in the Learners visible documents.

Unit Sorting Capability

Learner can now sort their Units by Unit Offer Code, Start Date or End Date.

Explore Learner App

Event Alerts

You can now see the following Event Alerts on LRM Home Dashboard as well as under Reports>Event Alerts Tab:

  • Xero
  • Elearning

Explore Event Alerts

Sales API

We made a few changes in relation to POST opportunities and POST documents to help improve inbound Sales capabilities and eliminate document upload errors:

  • POST opportunities now accepts almost all Opportunity fields which allows the beta Online Application tools to create an Opportunity record with specific Stage, Pipeline or Tags set.
  • POST documents have been redesigned to resolve an issue with files larger than ~4mb

Learn More about Sales API

New Zealand: Unit Outcome R

NZ: Unit Outcome R is now considered as ‘Completed’ for the purpose of Unit Completion metrics. This is reflected in the Learner Profile.

Wisenet Team Updates

Engagement Team

Wisenet is pleased to welcome our new Engagement Specialist, Michelle Armstrong! Michelle comes to us with wealth of knowledge within the RTO space and Compliance.

Nalina is currently on maternity leave. We wish her all the very best in her new parenting journey and we look forward to having her back in the team when she is ready to be back.


Wisenet has a 98% satisfaction score on G2 which makes us even more excited to serve our delightful customers!

Wisenet-Highlights-Missed our blogs

Why Canvas Should Be Your Learning Management System of Choice

Read how Canvas, a world-renowned online learning management system for schools, districts, and universities has been the learning management system of choice for thousands of education providers globally.

21/05/2021  05mins30secs

Guide To Increase Productivity For Education Providers

Read how planning, tracking and reporting will ultimately assist you in managing everyday tasks, all while ensuring that your education provider has the best student experience!

13/05/2021  03mins45secs

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Highlights: April 2021

Can you believe it’s the second quarter of 2021! After a year of global uncertainty and postponement we have finished work on a number of long running projects. We’ve also laid the foundations for a number of other exciting new features which we will be able to show some early previews of in the coming week, stay tuned!

This edition of Highlights focuses on improvements to compliance, the launch of our Canvas Connector, the new and improved Opportunity List, Event Alerts, and Xero Integration enhancements.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest developments.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

Major Updates

Connect Canvas to Wisenet! Introducing the Canvas Connector

Our Elearning Connector portfolio is growing! We are pleased to welcome Canvas to our Elearning Connector series where you can now easily integrate with Canvas! This is great news for our Canvas customers as you can also benefit from automating your elearning management. The first release is focused on Enrolment Management within Wisenet where you can:

  • Sync Courses from Canvas to Wisenet
  • Sync Users and Enrolments from Wisenet to Canvas
  • Sync Grades from Canvas to Wisenet (coming soon)

Learn how you can connect Canvas to Wisenet!

New Opportunity List viewing features

Previously on Opportunities board you could only manage the board by clicking, dragging and dropping opportunities. The board is great, but can be harder to work with when wanting to work with a list of records. The new Opportunity List view allows you to change the way you view, filter, and interact with Opportunity records. You can toggle between the board and list views. Now you have more control when it comes to your Opportunities view!

Once you have your filtered list of records, you can select one or more records and then choose a bulk action to edit or delete Opportunities. This is the first iteration of the new list design that we will be introducing elsewhere soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Manage Opportunities easily with more viewing options!

Get Event Alerts for greater insight and action!

Event Alerts are designed to provide greater insight into when there are issues with specific integration events, such as a Learner not syncing to Xero or Moodle. We have launched this for Xero and TCSI so far. Elearning will be included in the next 1-2 weeks.

The new Event Alerts section is available in the Reports tab and allows you to view, resolve, and acknowledge any alerts. The home dashboard also contains a count of any unacknowledged alerts with a quick link through to the Alert section.

Learn how you can set up Event Alerts

The Xero Integration enhancements just got better

The entire Xero integration has been rewritten to accommodate a new technical approach as well as utilise Xero’s new authentication requirements. There are a lot of hidden benefits from these changes plus a few that the user will experience:

  • The Learner will now sync immediately and not within a 5 minute schedule like before.
  • Resync options now allow greater sync date ranges making it easier to onboard or resolve any sync issues
  • Xero has strict minute and daily limits. The new design better queues records when limits or errors occur and automatically retries.
  • Less likely to lose connection with Xero due to improvements in the authentication design.
  • Improvements to the Xero connected apps screen so users can see which Xero account is linked and with improved resync options.

See how we’ve made life easier for you with our new Xero Integration

Minor Updates


We initially launched our new logbook but decided to roll back to the old version while we made a number of changes thanks to our customer’s feedback. We are still working on this feedback and will launch the new version again soon.

Compliance Updates



  • Lots of tweaks to TCSI streaming and event alerts
  • Changes to CANs / Invoice logic
  • Support for Exit Award

South Africa



You can launch your Online Learning Environment within 7 days max! Explore How

Wisenet-Highlights-Missed our blogs

6 Ways to Simplify your VSL and HE Compliance

Read how Wisenet allows you to achieve more with the right Vocational Education and Training software.

24/03/2021  05mins30secs

5 Ways to Streamline Your AVETMISS Reporting

Read how you can make AVETMISS reporting a stress-free journey.

01/03/2021  03mins45secs

Read More Blogs

Highlights: February 2021

We hope 2021 has been good for you so far. This highlight focuses on improvements to compliance processes, Logbooks and Elearning Enrolment management along with a number of small enhancements.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

Major Updates

New Logbook

A new version of Logbook is being released that is designed to have a more consistent design and improve usability. The Learner Logbook is the first section to get the change so we can monitor usage and feedback before we roll it out to all other Logbook sections.

The new Logbook design also allows us to implement some exciting new features which we will be sharing soon.

Learn More? Logbook

Elearning Enrolment Management

Many customers have now transitioned to our new slick Elearning Integration. We have added a new section under Learner to view, filter and update all Elearning Enrolments. This makes it easier to manage Elearning Enrolments across all Course Offers and Learners. It is particularly useful when needing to:

  • Bulk manage Elearning Access
  • Bulk add Group(s) to Elearning Enrolments across Course Offers / Unit Offers

Learn More? How to Bulk Edit Elearning Enrolments

Minor Updates

Sales Admin Now has Reports

Sales Admin users will now see the Reports Section with a list of available Sales reports. This allows Sales Admins to get more insights into their Sales Activities. They can also subscribe to reports.

Usability Improvements

A number of pages have been updated to increase the number of records displayed on a page to reduce the number of clicks to find a record.

  • Portal > User Management section
  • Learncycles
  • Sales Contacts
  • Elearning Course
  • Elearning Enrolments
  • Auto Grade Activities

Compliance Updates


VSL and HE Updates

The TCSI transition process is well underway with all VSL and HE customers working through the GoLive steps. Some beta customers have already successfully transitioned. A number of additional changes have been made to Wisenet LRM to accommodate the new TCSI requirements.

  1. Unit of Study Loan Fee rate change to 0% when Census Date is between 01/04/2020 and 30/06/2021
    1. This includes Add new defaults, Edit and Bulk Edit features
  2. Old HEPCAT based exports to continue to report the old Loan Fee rate values (calculated on the fly)
  3. NEW Field added to Course Enrolment for VSL/HE to more accurately collect the Course Outcome data (previously derived from Course Enrolment Status)
  4. Learner > Citizenship > Effective From Date is now mandatory
  5. New Sync to TCSI options in the Learner and Connected App sections
  6. The whole TCSI Sync engine is deployed and processing TCSI records

You can create your own custom credential templates such as, qualification certificates; statement of attainments; academic transcripts, letters of offer; and more,  with easy to use Word documents! Explore How

Wisenet-Did you miss our webinar-Banner

In August 2020 our planned roadshow went virtual. We held 7 Virtual Discovery Sessions that focused on how to successfully and efficiently use Wisenet. These sessions are a great way to fast track using all that Wisenet has to offer.

26/11/2020  24mins26secs

Learn the ins and outs from a Wisenet expert on how to effectively manage your compliance data.

See More Recordings

Highlights: 2020 Review

2020 has certainly been an interesting year. It has forced all of us to reflect on what is truly important in our personal and professional lives. An important trait is adaptability and being able to pivot with quickly changing circumstances. 

Prior to 2020, Wisenet had invested heavily in changing how we develop and deliver our product and services. We have transitioned from large periodic releases that require after hour outages to smaller zero downtime business hour releases multiple times a week. This means more updates more often.

This allows us to very quickly respond to changing demands and was vital with the huge increased demand for online education capability with our new Elearning and Website offerings.

Reflecting back on the year we identified however, that the new continuous release strategy requires changes to our release communication. Ensuring that customers are aware of new features and enhancements. And with a number of exciting new features scheduled for release early next year, we wanted to make a few improvements.

Introducing Highlights!

On a monthly basis, Highlights will provide you with information on:

  • Major/Minor product updates
  • Did you knows?
  • Webinars – past and upcoming webinars
  • plus other useful content

We will communicate new Highlights posts in Learn, via Email and on social media.

This first edition will reflect on 2020 as a whole. 

Take care and enjoy the holiday break.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

Wisenet-Highlights_Sign Off-Alister-New Image-Colour

Major Updates

New Workflows and Events

Learncycles are designed to automate processes within a Learner’s Lifecycle. The new version released in 2020 provided lots of enhancements

  • More activities: Send Email, Send SMS, Create Task, Generate uReport, Sync to Xero, Learner Access, Update Learner or Course Enrolment fields
  • Schedule: any activity can be triggered based on many Course Enrolment Date anchors
  • More sections: Learncycles are being added to other Wisenet sections. Recent additions include Elearning Rules and Auto Grade.

While many customers are using automation, we can see from our stats that some customers are banking in on these benefits.
See how Learncycle Workflows can automate your business

New Elearning Integration

Designed to largely automate Elearning Management. The first release focused on a new Moodle integration with other Elearning apps underway (Canvas). 2020 was our biggest Elearning growth year with a large number of new Moodle installs. Key benefits from the new integration:

  • Elearning Enrolment management within Wisenet
  • Sync Users, Enrolments and Groups to Elearning from Wisenet
  • Automated Elearning Enrolment Access Management
  • Automated Elearning Grades back to Wisenet (no manual grade data entry into Wisenet)
  • Custom Authentication

Reduce admin and connect your Elearning platform to Wisenet

New Website Edition

This edition was launched to simplify the website hosting and design process tailored for education providers. Tap into our bench of professional experts rather than hiring or outsourcing each individual role (graphics, content, website design, coding).

  • Beautiful websites tailored for you with your logos and content
  • Online Enquiry to Wisenet Sales
  • Online Opportunity to Wisenet Sales

Modernise your Website and link it to Wisenet

New Unlimited User Pricing

Over the past year many customers have taken advantage of the new Unlimited User pricing editions. This allows any of your staff to login to Wisenet without login count restrictions and instead you pay per Active Learner. There are many benefits to this:

  1. Unlimited Users ensures that more staff have more access. Wisenet is adding more features that benefit more staff within an education provider; for example:
    1. Sales Section
    2. Task Management
  2. Per Learner pricing scales with your business. We ride your ups and downs. This has been particularly useful for some providers with changing 2020 Learner numbers
  3. The Learner Management cost can be easily worked out and offset back to the Learner in Enrolment Fees
  4. Per Learner pricing is metered monthly ensuring more fair pricing across time. Only pay for Learners as long as they are active.

Contact Us if you would like to learn more

Minor Updates


There have been many enhancements to logbook over the year with the biggest change coming early next year. We are in final testing of a new Logbook design. The following are already released:

  • Bulk Send Email
  • Task Board filter saving
  • Simplified Task Assigned To logic
  • Email Template Redesign
  • Improved Placeholders – New naming and options

Sales Section

  • More Sales Dashboards
  • Task Notifications for Incoming Enquiries and Opportunities
  • Add Documents to Opportunities
  • Opportunity Board filter saving


  • Agent Logbook updated to allow Generate uReport and Send Email
    • This is useful for a range of Agent documents such as Agent Contracts
    • Emails can be sent to linked Agent Contacts


  • Profile Photo enhancements and Student Cards
  • Learner Access Management enhancements
  • Learner updated record in Learner App Task and Notification


  • More fields for employee management

Compliance Updates


New Zealand

  • SDR: CREG file QUAL field now can be set from a new Unit field – Host Qualification Code
  • NZ FeesFree:
    • Eligibility Check in Learner now allows year selection
    • RPL data is only reported based on fees (no longer based on outcome codes)

South Africa

  • Localisation for South Africa
  • CHE reporting requirements have been added

To search for Reports with specific fields, you can use the ‘Search by Fields’ option and include the required fields separated by a comma.
For example: Course Offer Start Date, Enrolment Status, Course Code

“Great things in business are never done by one person” – Steve Jobs

Meet Ben

Sales Specialist

Wisenet-Meet the team-Ben C-Image with no border
Wisenet-Did you miss our webinar-Banner

In August 2020 our planned roadshow went virtual. We held 7 Virtual Discovery Sessions that focused on how to successfully and efficiently use Wisenet. These sessions are a great way to fast track using all that Wisenet has to offer.

26/11/2020  24mins26secs

Learn the ins and outs from a Wisenet expert on how to effectively manage your compliance data.

See More Recordings

October 2020 Release Notes

The Wisenet team has been working in developing more new features for 2020 which also include process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

NEW Elearning Integration

A complete redesign to Simplify your Elearning management

Easier more transparent set up in Wisenet LRM

Elearning Courses can now map to both Course Offers and Unit Offers

Includes Enrolment Group syncing

No longer requires Learner App set up

Allows custom Authentication (eg. Office 365, Google, custom)

Automated Elearning access management

Real-time record syncing (no more cron jobs!!!).

Automated Grading back to Wisenet (see Auto Grade below)

Simpler integration troubleshooting (not that there should be many integration issues anymore)

Very easy for Wisenet to deploy future Elearning updates

Same integration model for all Elearning Apps (Moodle, Canvas etc)

Pay only for Active Elearning Learner (not users)

NEW Auto Grade

Capacity to do MORE with EASIER setup

The Auto Grade feature is designed to update Unit Enrolment Grade Fields automatically in Wisenet LRM when a final grade is received from an external Elearning application. This integration is very powerful, reduces a lot of manual data entry and improves data quality.

Each Auto Grade Activity is tracked and visible in Dashboards and in screen monitoring.



Earlier this year we launched new Learncycle Workflow automation that allows Wisenet to do the heavy lifting.

Choose a trigger (on course enrolment creation) and configure the activities that you require (email, sms, ureport, sync to Xero, Enable Learner Access)

July 2020 Release Notes

The Wisenet team has been working in developing more new features for 2020 which also include process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

Learncycle Enhancements

Many improvements made to the look and feel of New Learncycles making it easier to set up your workflow automation

Send SMS is now available to automate as a Learncycle Activity

The VSL and HE Scheduled CAN / Invoice system now uses Learncycles. Improved design and delivery tracking.

Old Learncycles have officially been Retired

Learner App

NEW Learner Details Updated Task

A Task is created when a Learner updates their details in Learner App. This allows team to review change. This feature can be turned ON or OFF in Portal Settings.

Email and SMS Enhancements

NEW Emails can now be sent in Bulk to Learners across any Course Offer. Bulk email all active Learners.

NEW Undelivered notifications now displayed on home Dashboard

Enhancements to improve Email and SMS delivery

Other Product updates and Process enhancement

Bulk Update from Unit Offer

This feature allows users to select 1 or more Unit Offers and bulk update fields for Unit Offers, linked Unit Enrolments or both.

The new design is easier to use and is more precise to reduce human error.

February 2020 Release Notes

We at Wisenet are very excited to release the NEW Learncycles with brand new functionalities. We have also released other process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

NEW Learncycles

More intelligent, powerful and easier to use

Learncycles has been redesigned to deliver more powerful workflow automation.

Scheduling is now available for all activities (not just messages) and can now be set longer into the future.
Emails via Learncycles now have Reply To and Delivery Statuses.
Learncycles can be linked to many Course Offers allowing for easier management.

The new design allows for Learncycles to be extended to other LRM sections with more activities. We are seeking your feedback for automation ideas.

Introducing Lists

Lists have been introduced to group records by type.

Starting with Course Offers, Lists can be used to simplify the following:

Manage Learncycle Audience
Filter Reports
Find Similar Course Offers
and more…

Lists are useful when wanting to work with specific types of records. Example Lists: International / Short Course / Hospitality etc.

Other Product updates and Process enhancement

New Zealand Fees Free Eligibility changes

  • The FeesFree Eligibility status now supports the new values of 8, 9 and 0. The eligibility check feature in the learner section has also been updated to set this appropriately. The SDR will then report the selected value.
  • New FeesFree Export option added to the Exports section.

Agents – uReports and Emails

You can now generate uReport templates and email agents from the Agents profile. See Agent Logbook for more information.



In December 2019, we released the new TCSI fields for VSL and HE reporting. The TCSI Field Mapping article outlines the TCSI elements and how they map to Wisenet fields.

We recently received updates from TCSI about a delay in implementation. The new proposed date to start reporting through TCSI is May 4th, 2020.

December 2019 Release Notes

The Wisenet team has been working on developing more new features for 2019 which also include process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.


Australia ONLY: TCSI – VET Student Loans and Higher Education

Changes to VSL and HE Fields 

These field changes are in preparation for the new TCSI reporting requirements. This allows providers to be able to start collecting new data now ready for 2020 reporting.

The TCSI Field Mapping article outlines the TCSI elements and how they map to Wisenet fields

For Fee Help providers, you will need to manually enter the following fields for Fee Help Courses, due to data not being migrated automatically:

          • Course of Study (Setup under Settings > Dropdown Lists)
          • Field of Education
          • Special Course Type

New Zealand ONLY: Field Changes


  • NZ Fees Free – Removed Total Fee 2018; added Total Fee 2020 & 2021


  • Unit FCCM field and values renamed to AMFM
  • Parent Unit – This is a new option in the Unit setup that is available when the Is Unit Standard field is ticked.

Other Field Changes


  • Simplified Fee Help Data (removed unnecessary fields for VSL)

Course Offer

  • Offer Code – Allows 50 characters
  • Notes – Allows 4000 characters


  • Two new fields: Is Superseded Flag and Superseded From Date

Unit Enrolment

  • Notes – Allows 4000 characters


  • New field: Primary Sales Contact (This allows assigning a Primary Sales Contact against an Agent)

Sales Contact

  • New field: Position


  • Disability: allows multiple entries with Effective From and To dates
  • Citizenship: allows multiple entries with Effective From date

Unit of Study

  • Enrolment Defaults can now be defined in Unit of Study

Unit of Study Enrolments

  • New page layout: Fields grouped by Details, Credit/RPL and Fees

Note: Refer to the Field Guidelines articles below to find the entire list of fields:

Field Guidelines: Australia

Field Guidelines: New Zealand

Xero Integration

Improved Xero Learner Sync

We have improved synchronizing learners to Xero. It’s Fast, Accurate and no more Connection issues

USI Integration

Ready in 2020

We are aware of AusKEY being decommissioned in March 2020. We are in the process of integrating with the USI Registry System via our web services. We should have this ready by early next year.



In August 2019, we released the new SMS Messaging feature in Wisenet to provide you with an alternate way to communicate to your Learners. Since, we have received a multitude of positive feedback from our customers which is helping us to keep working on improving this feature to better help your needs and requirements.

August 2019 Release Notes

The Wisenet team has been working in developing more new features for 2019 which also include process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

SMS Messaging

An alternate mode to instantly communicate with your Learners via LRM

Available to Wisenet customers who are on our Standard and Premium Editions.

Send SMS messages directly from Wisenet without needing to sign up to your own service provider. Easily track messages delivery status in Logbook.

Personalise SMS messages with custom sender and in message placeholders.

New Zealand ONLY: EPI Report Improvements

Wisenet has simplified EPI reports and created new documentation to help users with
report generation and understanding the background logic.

Learner App

NEW Access Management

Learner App Invitations and Forgot Password Email are now sent out via the Learner Logbook which then allows you to track delivery status. The message body for these emails are hidden in Logbook for security purposes.

When a Learner now receives a Learner App invitation or a Password Reset email, they will be forced to change password as the one sent on the original invitation/email is a one-time use only.

Other Product updates and Process enhancement

Messaging from Class > Learner List

Email and SMS messages can now be sent in bulk to your Class List within Timetables.

New Elearning Connectors

If you use Cloud Assess as a Learning Management System (LMS), you can use Wisenet Elearning Connectors to sync Enrolments and Grades between Wisenet LRM and Cloud Assess.


Fees-Free Eligibility quick check

  • TEC recently launched a new service that allows an integration to check Learner Fees-Free eligibility by NSN
  • We have connected to this service allowing you to Check Eligibility from within the Edit Learner > Personal Details


We have added two NEW Reports to assist PTEs with calculating EFTS Dollar Consumption:

  • Report #2106 EFTS Funding Rate Summary, and
  • Report #2130 Course Funding Summaries


  • All AVETMISS exports will now ONLY include enrolments where the Course Enrolment For AVETMISS Export field is ticked.
    • This gives flexibility during enrolment to preset unit enrolment dates and outcomes without reporting to AVETMISS
    • The same field checks at the unit enrolment level are still in place. These are documented in Nat File Guidelines
  • The Course Enrolment For AVETMISS Export field is defaulted from the Course Offer section and can be manually changed per enrolment
  • Learncycles can be set up to auto set this to True based on a desired change in Course Enrolment Status
  • We have defaulted the Course Enrolment For AVETMISS Export field to True based on current Unit Enrolment values to prevent issues in exporting
  • This is applicable for all Australian States, including WA for RAPT reporting.
    • Note: NSW previously had this logic and is unchanged

Sales Section


In March 2019, we released the new Sales section in Wisenet to give training providers the tools to easily manage sales contacts and opportunities. This is the foundation for future sales features that we are currently working on.

  Watch the video to Learn More


In the last five months we have been busy working on:

performance improvements and tweaks to the Sales section

– added Tasks to be used and linked within Sales

– improved the Sales Dashboards

June 2019 Release Notes

The Wisenet team has been working in developing more new features for 2019 which also include process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

Task Management

A single place to manage all your tasks with the NEW Task Board

Using the Tasks feature in Wisenet gives you a clear overview of all activities to easily organise and prioritise your work. Automate this feature to help you save time and never miss an important task.

The new Tasks section allows you to easily Search and Filter Tasks; Get a complete overview of Tasks’ Statuses, i.e. Not Started, In Progress, Pending, Completed; Drag and Drop Tasks to update status; Edit Tasks; Add new Task; and Email notifications sent to the Assigned Staff member when a Task is added or updated.

Home Dashboard

NEW Look and IMPROVED functionality

The Home Dashboard now shows a summary of Open Tasks. This eliminates the need to click around multiple tabs to view and manage all your Tasks.

Click on each of the numbers to open the Task Board filtered for that count.

If you need to view and manage all Tasks, you can click on View All Tasks from the summary section which will then open the new Tasks tab with your Task Board.

International Mobile Number

IMPROVED Mobile field

All Mobile fields in all applications (LRM, Learner App and Online Enrolment) now support International Mobile Number Country code. International code can be selected from the drop-down.

All existing mobile numbers of your applications have been automatically processed into the new format.

Other Product updates and Process enhancement

  • New USI values (Australia Only): INDIV, INTOFF, SHORT
  • File upload size increased – Total file upload size has been increased to 10MB and 5MB per file
  • Date of Birth field – Users will now be prompted with an ‘Invalid Date of Birth‘ notification if they accidentally entered the current year or, a future year, in the Date of Birth field
  • Improved filtering, sorting and paging capabilities
  • Improvements to documentation and performance
  • Enforce new mobile number format for all Mobile fields

Update Required and To Be Actioned by you if you use uReport Custom CAN Template

  • From 1st July 2019, VET Student Loan debts will be separated from other forms of HELP debts. Refer to the Explanatory Memorandum for more information on this new legislation.
  • If you make any reference to HELP debt and VET Student Loan debt in your custom CAN templates, you will need to update your template to now say VETSL debt.
  • All generic uReport templates have been updated with the correct term by Wisenet.



In March 2019, we released our new Sales feature with a stand-alone Sales section to help you better manage and convert your Sales Enquiries into successful Sales Applications even if you do not use Wisenet LRM. This is achievable with the two new roles you can now select, being: Sales and Sales Admin.

The Sales Dashboard provides greater insights into both current and historical sales activities.

Sales Contacts is a new entity created in Sales and can be linked to a Workplace, Agent or Learner in Wisenet.

Sales Logbook has option with File Notes, Tasks and Email Messaging capability.

Opportunities – a new Opportunity section where all old records have been moved to the new Opportunity model and mapped to the correct Sales Contact.


In the last three months we have been busy working on:

performance improvements of the new Sales feature

– added Tasks to be used and linked within Sales

– improved the Sales Dashboards

– improved Sales Reports

Emailing Credentials with QR Codes


Allows you to send a digital version to a Learner
Saves time with printing and manual distribution
Tracks email in Course Enrolment Logbook with delivery status
Great for all types of credentials, especially interim results, statements of attainment and short courses
QR Code makes it harder for digital documents to be forged
Employers or Training Providers can self validate credentials

See It In Action

QR Codes

If QR Code is added to a certificate template, it will be on the PDF once generated.

QR code on cert pdf
Bulk Issue Credentials

If you have multiple Learners with requested credentials, you can bulk issue credentials to save time.

bulk issue credential
Email Credentials

Choose an Email Template and choose email recipient(s), i.e. ‘Send to Learner’, ‘Learner’s Alternative Email’, ‘Other Email Addresses’.

email issued credential
Logbook Tracking

Emailed credentials are registered in the Course Enrolment’s Logbook with delivery status.

credential logbook
Certificate Validation

A digital copy with QR Code allows Learners to easily email their Credentials to Employers or other Training Organisations to validate.

validate credentials

Get Started


  • QR Codes are available for all customers, however, please note for Training providers under NZQA (New Zealand), permission is required by the Qualification Authority before you can apply QR Codes to a Certificate.
  • Emailing credentials is only available on premium edition. Contact us for more details.
  1. If you haven’t already, start by creating a custom Credential template and ensure that you pay attention to the key design considerations
  2. Turn ON your unique QR Code access and add QR Code to Certificate
  3. Create and Edit an Email Template as this will help you standardise your communications and save time
  4. Generate and Email Credentials

March 2019 Release Notes

The Wisenet team has been working in developing a line-up of incredible new features for 2019 which also include process enhancements and compliance updates.

Bug Fixes

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

Take a peek at what we’ve released in March.

NEW Sales Section

Get the best of both worlds with the new stand-alone Sales section to help you better manage and convert your Sales Enquiries into successful Sales Applications even if you do not use Wisenet LRM.

  • Two NEW Roles: Sales Admin and Sales
  • Sales Dashboard providing greater insights into both current and historical sales activities
  • Sales Settings section – Sales Admins can edit Sales specific features such as Sales Dropdowns and Sales Email Templates
  • Sales Contacts is a new entity created in Sales and can be linked to a Workplace, Agent or Learner in Wisenet
  • Sales Logbook option with File Notes, Tasks and Email Messaging capability
  • Opportunities – a new Opportunity section where all old records have been moved to the new Opportunity model and mapped to the correct Sales Contact
  • Sales data – we have seeded the new Sales section with your previous Wisenet Sales data
  • Stay tunedmore to come soon about managing your Sales Applications!

Email Message Template Redesigned

  • Improvements to look, performance and functionality
  • Better filtering options
  • Generic Sales Email Templates
  • Sales Contact Email Templates added

Bulk Update

  • New option to bulk update Learners
    • as Is Active
    • into a Target Group
    • sync to Xero
    • Survey Status (AU Only)
    • New Fees Free fields (NZ Only)
  • The bulk update dropdown menu options have been better grouped

NEW Organisations Section

Newly added to Wisenet LRM for the purpose of managing Agents and Workplaces. Further details below about each sub-features.

  • Sales Contacts can now be added to Agents
    • Can be selected when adding a Course Enrolment
  • Agents can be grouped by Regions
  • Positions are no longer setup against a Workplace. They are now only setup in Dropdowns and all are available for selection when adding a Position to a Learner
  • Current Learners page has been replaced with Learners page that allows filtering by Position and Position Dates. You can then navigate to Learner or even Bulk Enrol into a Course
  • Learner Position – New field added ‘Workplace Type‘ simplifying how a position is categorised as a School, Employer, Host Employer etc. This will then be used for displaying in Training Plans
  • Unused Workplaces can now be archived so they do not appear in your Workplace dropdown lists


  • API is now live and known as Wisenet API with improvements to the followings:
    • API documentation
    • PATCH endpoints is more robust
    • improved validations
    • New Endpoints added for:
      • Unit Offer
      • Unit Enrolment
      • Sales Contact
      • Opportunity

Minor Improvements

  • New Field under Learner>Demographics
    • English Test Score Expiry Date
  • Online Enrolment
    • New option to choose whether to add related Unit Enrolments
      • Previously it defaulted to always add Unit Enrolments

Learn Resources NEW LOOK

We have made changes to our Learn Resource Feature pages to improve how you navigate through our resources for a better learning experience.

You can see an example of it when exploring the Sales Feature page.

We look forward to your feedback as we progressively move all resources to adapt the new look.

Old Credential process RETIRING!

NOTE: This is only applicable to you if you do not use uReport.

The old Credential process is retiring effective on Monday 1st April 2019 and we are here to help make this transition easy.

On April 1st 2019:  ALL old templates will be removed from Wisenet LRM.

Between Now & Then (IMPORTANT):

  • You should start to create uReport Templates
  • Any customers who are still using old credentials for Agent Invoice or Student Cards, or for highly customised complex credentials, are recommended to contact us, so we can convert your complex credentials into a custom uReport


  • New fields:
    1. SA field under Learner Personal Details:
      • Work Ready Number (SA)
      • Sent to SSD Date (SA)
    2. National Funding options under Bulk Update Unit Enrolment>Fees & Funding
      • Code 31 International Onshore client other revenue
      • Code 32 International offshore client other revenue
    3. Study Reason option under Course Offer>Course Enrolment>Compliance
      • Code 13 To get skills for community/voluntary work
  • Updated field: Fee Exemption (VIC Only)
    1. Under Bulk Update Unit Enrolment>Fees & Funding, the old Fee Exemption field and values for waiver have been removed
      • The old Fee Exemption value codes were E, I, X or Y
    2. The old field is now replaced with a new field that captures Fee Exemption Waiver for 2019 reporting requirements
      • Data is auto migrated for Course Offer, Unit Offer and Unit Enrolment
      • The new Fee Exemption value code is set to Z for previously updated records


  • Reports>eCAF/Progression Page
    • Resolved issue with loading eCAFs for customers with a lot of eCAFs
    • Additional columns displayed in the Enrolment Pending eCAFs table, such as:
      • Start Date
      • Enrolment Status
      • Sales Person (If not configured, leave blank)
  • Submit eCAF, updated:
    • Fee Help (Non University) eCAF type
    • Existing eCAF types
    • Validations in LRM for submitting to eCAF


  • New option in Gender field called Diverse
  • New fields:  Tip: Use the new Course Offer>Enrolments>Bulk Update Learners feature to save time setting values for these new fields 
    • Fees Free Eligibility
    • Total Fees 2018, Total Fees 2019
  • Updated field:
    • Iwi Dropdown list includes the latest definitions for 2019

Fees Free

  • Use the NEW Report 2117 in Wisenet to extract Learner and Course data for your Fees Free Monthly Data Return.

September 2018 Release Note


This release includes process enhancements, compliance updates and new features. Please take your time to read through the notes to ensure that you can benefit from the changes.

Bug Fixes

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” – Wayne W.Dyer

If not already, you will notice enhancements to LRM and a new look to Learner Profile.

  • LRM pages now take up full screen
  • We are improving consistencies with look and colours
  • The Learner Profile page is more compact
  • You can now see a summary of Xero invoices on a Learner’s profile if you have Xero connected
  • If you are using Tags you will also see Tags and Agents (if any) in the Course Enrolment panel


Tags is a new feature in Wisenet which is added against Course Enrolment. It will allow you to categorise an enrolment for the purpose of identifying special traits. The purpose of why you will want to use tags is because it will help you better filter and categorise enrolments, and not only for reporting purposes but also for bulk actions.

Learn More? Tags 


  • QR Validation Code
    • A new feature in Wisenet where you can add a QR code to your credentials or a link to your website
    • Validators (examples below) can enter the Credential Number and Last Name to validate the credential
      • An Employer validating an Employee
      • A RTO checking CT/RPL for a Learner
    • Learn More? How to use QR Code for Certificate validation 
  • Email Issued Credentials to Learners and other email addresses
    • Only available on Premium Edition
    • This feature will be turned OFF by default. Can be turned ON by Portal Admin if desired.
    • Option to setup a new Email Template specific for when emailing Credentials
    • Learn More? Email Credentials 
  • Credentials Issuing Officer list is restricted based on Staff section configuration
  • AUSTRALIA ONLY: Added additional USI warnings when Requesting a Credential for Learner(s) without a verified USI

Enhancement to Composing Emails

Email sending options have been simplified in Wisenet while improving functionality.

  • Email Templates
    • Selecting a Template now populates the subject and body
      • Therefore allowing you to check and ensure that the right template is selected
    • Templates are designed to fast track email creation. You have the flexibility to make slight adjustments to the email template content to suit specific scenarios. This means that it may provide 90% of the content and the last 10% can be filled-in unique to the situation.
  • Add placeholders directly when composing Emails
    • Allows personalisation of emails with placeholders for one off emails and not just when using a template.
  • Improvements to FromName
    • FromName is now more adequately derived based on selected ReplyTo option
    • Eg. if reply to Staff record… then the FromName will be StaffName (ProviderName)
  • These email updates are to all places where emails can be sent (individual, bulk, sending an email with generated uReport, sending survey, email issued credentials)
  • Added more recipient options for Bulk Send Email Message

Course Offer Dashboard (NEW)

We are in the process of adding dashboards to other sections of Wisenet to provide you with more insights without having to run reports.

We have started with the Course Offer Dashboard allowing us to trial our approach and obtain feedback from customers.

Learn More? Course Offer Dashboard 

Course Enrolments

  • Course Enrolments Checklists Default Values from Template
    • Allows easier setting of Template Values when adding Checklists

Unit Elements

  • New field for storing “Performance Criteria”
  • The “Element Description” now allows up to 1000 characters


  • Ability to archive an agent
    • Use the new IsArchived field
  • Only active agents will be visible in the Agent dropdown list when linking with a course enrolment
  • When linking an Agent to a Course Enrolment, the VET Commission and ELICOS Commission rates will now default from the Agent values

Online Enrolment

  • When accepting an online enrolment, Unit Enrolment field values will now default from the linked unit offer
    • Eg. New compliance standard fields
  • This is designed to save time with enrolment data entry

Active Learners


  • Previously logbooks, export times and credential register all displayed datetime in the Melbourne timezone
  • These pages now display the time in your local timezone
  • Reports will continue to show Melbourne datetime

          If you missed

   The following events occurred in the lead up to this release:

 May 24th 2018


  • Ability to manually resync Xero Invoices
  • Ability to manually sync a Learner to Xero
  • Automated process to sync invoices and learners to Xero
  • View Xero invoices from Learner App

 May 28th 2018

Australia FeeHelp Export Update

  • PS file – HDR Submission Date, HDR Completion Date
  • EN file – HDR Engagement Code

 May 31st 2018


  • Added to Connected Apps page
  • Added Quality Indicator Surveys
    • Learner Engagement Survey
    • Employer Satisfaction Survey

Course Enrolment

  • Added new field eCOE Issue Date on the Course Enrolment page
  • Registration ID has been renamed to “Registration Number”


  • CRICOS code field has been added to the Course
  • If configured, the value will be defaulted to the course offer, upon creation

Export Changes

Auto default Delivery Mode based on Outcome

  • When Outcome is configured to RPL granted (51) or Credit Transfer (60) or RCC granted (53) we will now always default set:
    • Delivery Mode (AV7, AV8) and Predominant Delivery Mode to ‘Not Applicable’
  • When Outcome is configured to WA values of RPL granted (06) or Credit Transfer (09) or RCC granted (15) we will now always default set:
    • Delivery Mode (AV7), Delivery Mode WA1,  Delivery Mode WA2, Delivery Mode WA3 to ‘Not Applicable’

Fee Help:

  • New fields added in the Course Offer page
    • HDR Engagement Code
    • Separation Status
  • New fields added in the Course Enrolment page
    • HDR Engagement Code
    • HDR Thesis Submission Date
  • Export Update (released on 28th May)
    • PS file – HDR Submission Date, HDR Completion Date
    • EN file – HDR Engagement Code

Course Enrolment page

The following new fields have been added to the Course Enrolment page:

  • Public Trust Number
  • Unique Training Hours
  • Orientation Date

Course Offer page

New fields have been added in the Course Offer page, as Unit Offer defaults to make Course Offer and Unit Offer setup quicker:

  • Fee Assessment Category
  • Mural Attendance

SDR Export Updated

  • Added support for Total_Fee and Fees_Free_Eligible
    • The export will be the right structure however you will receive a Warning as they are currently reported as empty
  • NOTE: New Fields to be gradually added in the database throughout the year