Online Enrolment

Online Enrolment is an add-on application that allows you to publish your Courses and Units on your website. This allows potential Learners to browse what scope you have on offer and to apply online. Applications are created directly into Wisenet for your admissions team to process.


  • Accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Easy step-by-step application process for Learners
  • Keep track of applications
  • Reduce data entry and admin time

 How does it work?

Get an overview on how Online Enrolment works

Understanding how Learners search and apply for a web offer is part of the online enrolment process.

The Process

The illustration below gives you an overview of the Online Enrolment Process from the time you publish your scope to receiving an application and processing to accept or reject.


Set Up Online Enrolment

Setting up Online Enrolment must be done by the Portal Administrator.

  1. Purchase an Online Enrolment license by contacting our Sales Team on 1300 365 384 (AUS) or 0800 543 070 (NZ) to arrange that for you.
  2. Once you have your Online Enrolment license, follow the steps below on how to Set Up and Configure Online Enrolment.
The Application

Important Note!

Some of the steps to follow, to allow prospective Learners to apply into a Course Offer online, will vary by country and some of these steps can be turned on and off in your Wisenet Portal Online Enrolment Settings. They can only apply if:

  • Accept Enrolments is TRUE in your Course Offer > Online Enrolment settings
  • Today’s date is within the Course Offer > Enrolment Period (equal to or after the start date AND equal to or before the end date)
  • There are Vacancies in the Course Offer (number of current enrolments is less than maximum enrolments)

Learn More on how a Learner Searches and Applies for a Course.

  1. Set Up Email Templates

There are two Email Templates that need to be set up.

  1. Automatically send to Learner to notify Application Received and being processed
  2. Automatically send to Admin to notify New Application Submitted.

The process to Set Up an Email Template is the same for both.

  2. Payments (Optional)

  • Decide whether to accept online payments and if:
  • Complete all the Paypal Paypal Verisign settings if you have purchased a PayPal account

Learn More? Payment/Finance

Publish your Courses Online

There are specific processes to follow when publishing your Courses. Once you have published an Online Enrolment Offer, you can:

  • Unpublish it
  • Keep it published, but no longer accept enrolments
  • Change the description
  • Extend or shorten the date range it is available online

See how to publish Courses to your Online Enrolment enabled website and the logics to follow.

How to Publish a Course or Unit Offer for Online EnrolmentLogic when publishing Course and Unit OffersHow to Edit a Published Online Course

  1. Navigate to LRM > Course Offer
  2. Open the Course Offer you want to publish
  3. In the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Online Enrolment
  4. Click Publish
  5. Select ONE of the following Enrolment Options, allow clients to enrol into:
    • Course offer only
      • A Qualification, i.e. BSB50215 – Diploma of Business
      • A Short Course, i.e. First Aid
      • NOTE: Any Unit Offers linked to the Course Offer will automatically be selected
    • Unit offers only
      • i.e. BSBHRM501B – Manage human resources services Manage human resources services
  6. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the period the course or unit offer will appear online
  7. Click Save
  8. The Course or Unit Offers details will now be listed
  9. Click Edit for each course to elect whether they are published or not
  10. Click on the Web Icon to preview how your course appears


A record will appear in Online Enrolment searches if:

  1. The publish dates are active
  2. The flag Publish to Online Enrolment is ticked

Note: If the direct quick links are used the offer will still be shown. The above logic is just for the search component in the Wiseweb App.

The ability to “Enrol” will only be available when:

  1. The Enrolment period is active (set in course offer page)
  2. Accept Enrolments is ticked
  3. There are vacancies left (based on max reg value – enrolments). This currently does not look at unaccepted Wiseweb Enrolments


A record will appear in Online Enrolment searches if:

  1. The publish dates are active (from course offer Online Enrolment section)
  2. The flag unit offer Publish to Online Enrolment is ticked

Note: If the direct quick links are used the offer will still be shown. The above logic is just for the search component in the Online Enrolment App.

The ability to “Enrol” will only be available when:

  1. The Enrolment period is active (set in course offer page)
  2. Unit offer Accept Enrolments is ticked
  3. There are vacancies left (based on unit offer max reg value – unit offer enrolments). This currently does not look at unaccepted wiseweb enrolments
  4. The field Unit Offer Is Current is ticked

  1. Navigate to LRM > Sales
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Online Enrolment
  3. Click View Published Offers
  4. A list of all Published Courses will now appear, Click the Edit icon next to the relevant Course
    • To modify Unit Offers within a Course Offer, Click on the plus sign (+) to the left of the course name and click the edit icon button next to the unit
  5. The Course Offer will now appear, Edit the fields you wish to modify
  6. Click Update

Now that you you have your courses published and know how to receive applications the last step is making it easy for applicants to find their desired Courses.

Linking your Courses to you public website will help you make it easy for applicants to find their desired Courses, after you have published your Courses and have received applications. Once you have located the Online Enrolment URL, you have three options to choose from depending on how you want to use the URL on your public website.

  1. Locate the Online Enrolment URL – This will only be available if your Training Organisation has purchased our Online Enrolment module and only your Portal Administrator can view the URLs in the Portal.
    • Navigate to your Wisenet Portal
    • In the Portal Profile Page, Click on the relevant icon
    • The URL will appear in a popup (e.g. as shown in the illustration for Learner App)
    • Highlight the link with your mouse
    • Right click the link and select Copy link
    • You can then paste this link into an email or document and forward to the relevant staff (your IT Team or Web Developer)
  2. Choose from these three options:
Option 1: Single URL to Online Enrolment

This is the simplest option as it allows a single link on your website.

  • Get the Online Enrolment URL as per Step 1 above
  • Add this URL into an appropriate place on your website
    • This will allow potential Learners to click through to the Online Enrolment application
    • The Learner will then search, find and apply for their desired Course

Option 2: Unique URL for each published course

Every Published Course has a unique URL for Online Enrolment for the potential Learner to:

  1. View the Published Course
  2. Apply for the published course

These URLs can be:

  • Emailed to specific groups of Learners
  • Manually used in webpages to have “Apply Now” buttons for specific Course content in public website

Option 3: Deep link Published Course information into public site

Dynamically show published Course information from Wisenet in specific web pages on your public website

  • E.g. Have a First Aid course web page and at the bottom show a control that has all published Course from Wisenet
  1. Navigate to LRM > Sales > Online Enrolment
  2. Select to View Published Offers by clicking on Published Offers – Here you will see the list of courses you are offering in Online Enrolment
  3. At the end of the course name you will see 3 icons. Click the middle icon. This will open a pop-up window that shows two hyperlinks
    • The first will take you to the course description within Online Enrolment
    • The second will take you to the first step of the enrolment wizard
  4. Copy the desired link and put it in your website

To ensure that your prospective students don’t see other published courses, please switch on the Private Course Mode setting in your portal settings. This will hide all Course Search functionality so that all published courses are private. Access to courses will be available only via direct links.

Accept or Reject Online Applications

Once an online application has been received, your admissions team can then accept or reject the application.

  1. Navigate to LRM > Sales
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Online Enrolment
  3. Click View Online Enrolments
  4. A list of all enrolments will now appear with an Application Status
    • Unprocessed enrolments appear first
    • You can sort each column alphabetically by clicking on the column title
  5. To process or modify an Application, click on their name
  6. The details of the Application will now appear. Choose whether to Accept or Decline the Application
    • If you click Decline the process is done.
    • If you click Accept
      • the ‘Locate Client’ screen will now appear
      • Existing clients that might match by Applicant name will appear
        • Matches: If a match appears and it is the applicant, click Add to this record
        • No Match: Click Create new client record
        • If you accidentally create a duplicate Learner you can merge the duplicate records later
  7. The Applicant’s details now appear. The details will be divided into two columns:
    1. On the left, the details they entered in their application
    2. On the right, the details that will be saved into the LRM client record (if you are creating a new client record, the two columns will be the same)
  8. If they are an existing Client, check each field to see if there are any changes. If there are, you can click on the relevant arrow between the two columns to update the information that will save into LRM
  9. Set their Enrolment Status to the right value to trigger Learncycles, i.e Current, Pending, Enquiry, etc…
  10. Click Submit. A confirmation screen will now appear. From this screen you can:
    • view Client details
    • view Course Enrolment details
    • process another Online Enrolment

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