Online Enrolment

Introducing Online Enrolments

Online Enrolment is an add-on application that allows you to publish your Courses and Units on your website. This allows potential Learners to browse what scope you have on offer and to apply online. Applications are created directly into Wisenet for your admissions team to process.


  • Accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Easy step-by-step application process for Learners
  • Keep track of applications
  • Reduce data entry and admin time


Understanding how Learners search and apply for a web offer is part of the online enrolment process.

Learn More to get an overview on how Online Enrolment works

Set Up Online Enrolment

Setting up Online Enrolment must be done by the Portal Administrator.

  1. Purchase an Online Enrolment license by contacting our Sales Team on 1300 365 384 (AUS) or 0800 543 070 (NZ) to arrange that for you.
  2. Once you have your Online Enrolment license, follow the steps below on how to Set Up and Configure Online Enrolment.

Important Note!

Some of the steps to follow, to allow prospective Learners to apply into a Course Offer online, will vary by country and some of these steps can be turned on and off in your Wisenet LRM by users with LRM Owner access level. See Online Enrolment Settings. They can only apply if:

  • Accept Enrolments is TRUE in your Course Offer > Online Enrolment settings
  • Today’s date is within the Course Offer > Enrolment Period (equal to or after the start date AND equal to or before the end date)
  • There are Vacancies in the Course Offer (number of current enrolments is less than maximum enrolments)

Follow the steps by steps on How to Set up Online Enrolment

Publish your Courses Online

There are specific processes to follow when publishing your Courses. Once you have published an Online Enrolment Offer, you can:

  • Unpublish it
  • Keep it published, but no longer accept enrolments
  • Change the description
  • Extend or shorten the date range it is available online

Learn More: How to publish Courses to your Online Enrolment enabled website and the logics to follow

Link Published Courses to your public website

Now that you you have your courses published and know how to receive applications the last step is making it easy for applicants to find their desired Courses.

Linking your Courses to you public website will help you make it easy for applicants to find their desired Courses, after you have published your Courses and have received applications.

Learn More on How to Link Published Courses to your Public Website

Assess Application

Accept or Reject Online Applications

Once an online application has been received, your admissions team can either accept immediately or add to the Application Review process.

Follow the step by step instructions on How to Accept or Reject Online Enrolments

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