December 2019 Release Notes

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The Wisenet team has been working on developing more new features for 2019 which also include process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.


Australia ONLY: TCSI – VET Student Loans and Higher Education

Changes to VSL and HE Fields 

These field changes are in preparation for the new TCSI reporting requirements. This allows providers to be able to start collecting new data now ready for 2020 reporting.

The TCSI Field Mapping article outlines the TCSI elements and how they map to Wisenet fields

For Fee Help providers, you will need to manually enter the following fields for Fee Help Courses, due to data not being migrated automatically:

          • Course of Study (Setup under Settings > Dropdown Lists)
          • Field of Education
          • Special Course Type

New Zealand ONLY: Field Changes


  • NZ Fees Free – Removed Total Fee 2018; added Total Fee 2020 & 2021


  • Unit FCCM field and values renamed to AMFM
  • Parent Unit – This is a new option in the Unit setup that is available when the Is Unit Standard field is ticked.

Other Field Changes


  • Simplified Fee Help Data (removed unnecessary fields for VSL)

Course Offer

  • Offer Code – Allows 50 characters
  • Notes – Allows 4000 characters


  • Two new fields: Is Superseded Flag and Superseded From Date

Unit Enrolment

  • Notes – Allows 4000 characters


  • New field: Primary Sales Contact (This allows assigning a Primary Sales Contact against an Agent)

Sales Contact

  • New field: Position


  • Disability: allows multiple entries with Effective From and To dates
  • Citizenship: allows multiple entries with Effective From date

Unit of Study

  • Enrolment Defaults can now be defined in Unit of Study

Unit of Study Enrolments

  • New page layout: Fields grouped by Details, Credit/RPL and Fees

Note: Refer to the Field Guidelines articles below to find the entire list of fields:

Field Guidelines: Australia

Field Guidelines: New Zealand

Xero Integration

Improved Xero Learner Sync

We have improved synchronizing learners to Xero. It’s Fast, Accurate and no more Connection issues

USI Integration

Ready in 2020

We are aware of AusKEY being decommissioned in March 2020. We are in the process of integrating with the USI Registry System via our web services. We should have this ready by early next year.



In August 2019, we released the new SMS Messaging feature in Wisenet to provide you with an alternate way to communicate to your Learners. Since, we have received a multitude of positive feedback from our customers which is helping us to keep working on improving this feature to better help your needs and requirements.