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Steps on how to accept Invitation, Create, Personalise and Access your Account

Steps on how to Invite Users to use the Free CRM

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While we could charge for Wisenet CRM, we feel that all providers should have the tools to better manage the sales process without having to pay for expensive CRM applications.  Improving the sales process will help to increase enrolments allowing providers to grow their business and supply an even better learning experience.

The free edition of Wisenet CRM gives training providers the opportunity to experience Wisenet’s premium products and service without obligation while at the same time getting a product that provides real value to their business.

This is your opportunity to move away from spreadsheets and email.

Wisenet Free CRM has all the essential features you need to make managing the sales process easy, accurate and timely:

  • Progress opportunities through each phase of the sales funnel. See where everything is at a glance including opportunity source, potential value and success.
  • Track sales data with reports and dashboards for better forecasting and decision making. Get meaningful insights to help improve products and performance.
  • Capture online enquiries directly from your website and add to your sales funnel with an easy to use web-to-lead form.
  • Define your own custom tags to identify and group contacts. Create lists for targeted communications and bulk activities.
  • New enrolment leads, sales contacts, alumni, workplaces and agents: Record and leverage your stakeholder data to actively grow your business.
  • Nurture leads and alumni for a more personalised experience to improve engagement and maximise new opportunities.

Yes, customers subscribing to the free edition of Wisenet CRM will receive it at no cost, forever.

Customers who subscribe to Wisenet LRM (Learning Relationship Management) receive all the free CRM features plus additional advanced Sales and Marketing Tools.

Yes, only training organisations with a current registration can subscribe to Wisenet CRM.

No, you must be a training organisation with a current registration to subscribe to Wisenet CRM.

Yes, you can assign a ‘Sales Admin’ or a ‘Sales’ access level to a User.  Please refer to our Resource Centre article on User Access Roles for more details.

No, there is no limit to the number of contact records, so go nuts!

Wisenet will perform the import of your contact data for you free of charge.  We we will supply you with a template that you can populate with your data for import.

(Coming Soon)  Yes, a Web to Lead form is included that you can add to your website.  A submission via the Web to Lead from will automatically create a sales Contact record in Wisenet CRM/Sales Module and any data entered via the Form saved to the Contact.

Yes. You can send emails directly out of Wisenet CRM and you can nominate a ‘reply-to’ address where any replies will be directed.

Full two-way emailing is on it’s way.  We’ll keep you posted in our release communications.

With detailed articles and step by step guides, the Wisenet CRM Help Centre has everything you need to know about how to use Wisenet CRM.  With in-app chat support is never far away!

Ask yourself:

Are you currently paying to use a CRM?

Is the CRM tools you are using too complicated and not necessarily aligned to your industry?

Does your CRM easily integrates with your Learning Management System or Student Management System?

While Wisenet CRM is similar to other CRM Software in the market aiming to provide you with a powerful set of tools to manage Sales and Opportunities, we are however the first to build a free CRM specifically designed to work for the requirements of the Education and Training industry. So when it comes to integrating your CRM with other educational software that you currently use, it should be a seamless process.

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Access your Application

The Wisenet Portal is the central login area for Wisenet Users. It allows you to access and manage your CRM.

  1. Once you have signed up online and received an Invitation to join and Create an Account,
  2. Access your Application
Portal login to crm


Invite Users

(This function is for Portal Administrators only)

We recommend that every person that is accessing your Account has their own personal User Account. This makes it easy to track who has made changes in your system and for other security and access reasons.

How to Invite Users

NOTE: You are not limited to how many Users you have and different Users can have different levels of access to your account, for example: Sales or Sales Admin.


Next Step: Using the CRM

Wisenet CRM is designed to:

  • help your organisation achieve an effective and seamless process throughout your initial Enquiry and Application stages, and
  • help your sales team to close deals faster

Depending on your access level, explore the capabilities of Wisenet CRM