Pinned Logbooks

What are Pinned Logbooks

The Pinned Logbook feature allows you to pin a Logbook Item to the top of a Logbook timeline for quick reference.

Rather than having to scroll through a list of Logbook Items on the timeline, by pinning Logbook Items, you can easily identify and manage items requiring your attention.

Pinned Items can still be Edited and/or Shared where appropriate. The only action that you cannot do for a Pinned Logbook Item is to delete the item. To delete, you first need to Unpin the Logbook Item. When Unpinned, a Logbook Item is moved to the timeline.

How to identify Pinned Logbooks

Pinned Logbooks, while appearing before the start of the Logbook timeline, can also be easily identified due to its background colour and the change in the ‘pin’ icon colour.

All Pinned Logbooks have an ‘orange’ highlighted background compared to a grey background. And, the ‘Pin’ icon also changes to ‘dark orange’ instead of dark grey.

How to Pin and Unpin Logbook items

Logbooks can be accessed in every section of Wisenet by simply clicking on Logbook from the Left Navigation Bar.


Navigate to the respective Logbook page.


Either use the Search bar, Filter options or simply scroll to find the Logbook item you are looking for.


To Pin

Click ‘Pin’ on the top right corner of the item:

  • The Pinned Logbook will now appear above the timeline and will also be identifiable by the light orange background colour
  • PLEASE NOTE: Pinned Logbooks CANNOT be deleted. To delete, you first have to click Unpin


To Unpin

Click ‘Unpin’ on the top right corner of the Pinned Logbook item:

  • The Logbook item will now appear back on the timeline

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