Introducing the Learner App to your Learner



Learner view

Login page

This page is the landing page. It can be customised with your brand colours from the portal settings page.

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This page is the landing home page after login. It can be customised to include a Welcome title and a message for your Learners.

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Password Reset

Learners can reset their password by clicking on the arrow at the top right corner next to their name. The administrator will be notified via email when a new password is created and this is automatically updated in Wisenet.

Note: If the learner has forgotten their password, they can either contact the college or click on the Forgot password link on the login page. There are no restrictions on character limits or letter case when changing the password.

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My Details

This page has three different tabs to view the Personal, Demographics and Next of Kin details. The Learners can be allowed to edit all three sections of the page.

Note: You can set automatic email notifications to be sent to you whenever a change is made to a Learner’s details if the permission is set for Learners to be allowed to update their own details.

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Training History

Learners are able to view their enrolment details and their Unit Outcomes. Units can be sorted by:

  • Unit Offer Code
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Note: This page is blank by default, therefore you need to click on a Course Enrolment to view details.

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Timetables and Attendance

Learners are able to view and print the timetable of the classes they are attending and view their attendance history.

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You can upload key documents, such as your Learner Handbook, and enable them for viewing in the Learner App

For examples:
– Policies and Procedures documents can be uploaded in the “Settings > Logbook” on Wisenet.
– Enrolment documents, including uReport can be uploaded in the “Learner Course Enrolment > Enrolment Logbook” on Wisenet.
– Personal Documents can be uploaded in the “Learner > Learner Logbook” on Wisenet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All File Notes must have the ‘Learner can see‘ ticks for them to be published in the LearnerApp.

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Learners can view any payments that have been made as well as the payment method and the time of payment.

Note: This page requires Xero to be enabled in Settings > Connected Apps.

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