Highlights: September 2021

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Since the release of the new Elearning Integration and Application Management, many customers have successfully transitioned to the new features. This has provided a lot of feedback into further functionality that we have or will be adding.

The new user access roles has been a common request and is even more important now that customers are providing access to more of their staff to manage different aspects of the Education Management process. The new roles will be essential as we roll out some major new features later this year.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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Major Updates

New Access Roles

We have released some new and updated User Access Roles to provide customers with greater flexibility in how they can provide just enough access for each User to complete their job.

Based on customer feedback, we introduced some new User Roles and tweaked some permissions of existing Roles. This was completed over 2 stages in the last couple of weeks , and all Portal Administrators should have received emails prior to the release of each stage.

We highly recommend that you take time to review the Transition to New User Access Roles which explains what has changed and what you need to do.

Settings: New Look & Feel

The Settings section has changed to accomodate the addition of New settings and Roles.

Settings have been grouped by type and will differ according to your User Access Role.

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Owner View:

Admin View:

Sales Admin View:

Minor Updates

Elearning Enrolment Rules: Additional Rule Type for Unit Enrolment

You can now choose whether you want Unit Enrolment rules to only be applicable when a Unit Enrolment has commenced (based on Outcome Codes).

This option is OFF by default but when the option is turned ON, the rule will only set Access = Enabled when the Unit Enrolment has commenced based on the following Outcomes:

  • Australia: Commenced if Outcome is NOT empty, 85, NS, @@, 100, 105
  • New Zealand: Commenced if Outcome is NOT empty

LEARN MORE: How to Set Up Elearning Enrolment Rules in Wisenet

Canvas Integration now support Sections

The Canvas integration initially mapped Wisenet Elearning Groups to Canvas Groups. Feedback from customers is that they preferred that this would control Canvas Sections instead. We have now updated the integration to manage Canvas Sections instead of Canvas Groups.


Grade Point

A new field Grade Point has been added to the Unit Enrolment > Gradebook Unit Update section. This allows a specific Grade Point value to be entered against a Unit Enrolment.

This has also been added in the Auto Grade feature allowing it to be set as part of the Elearning Grade sync.


A number of enhancements have been added to the credential section

  1. User role can no longer Issue Credentials. They can only Request Credentials and a higher access level can Issue.
  2. There are additional checks and warnings when Issuing Final credentials:
    1. Xero Invoices with Due Amount greater than $0
    2. Unit Enrolment(s) with End Date in the future
    3. Unit Enrolment(s) with Outcome that is incomplete AND End Date in the future
  3. No longer able to delete a requested credential. The only option is Cancel. This ensures greater transparency into requested credentials

LEARN MORE: Credentials


Improved look & feel for Filter and Calendar controls.

Work is still underway to transition all reports to use new field aliasing, i.e.

  • Client First Name to Learner First Name
  • COR Start Date to Course Enrolment Start Date
  • CUOR End Date to Unit Enrolment End Date


Opportunity and Sales Contact

Users with Sales Access will see their contact details automatically populated in the Owner field when adding Opportunity and Sales Contact.


Enrolment Dashboard

Actual End Date will now be permanently visible on the Enrolment Dashboard.

LEARN MORE: Enrolment

New API Endpoints

The Course and Unit API Endpoints have been extended allowing additional functionality.



When you log into Wisenet LRM, you can easily identify the User Role you are logged in as from the Footer section of the page.

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