The Reports feature allows for extraction of data from Wisenet and we have hundreds of reports to choose from. Before generating a Report it is important to reflect on the purpose of the report as you can achieve many different outcomes.


To generate Exports or NAT files required for submission please see the Exports page.


uReports are a different type of report and process to what is found in this article. uReports help you create Training Plans, Welcome letters, Credentials, Letter of Offer etc.

There are many ways to find the right Report for your requirements.  For Wisenet Reports containing data concerned with your Wisenet LRM, start with this page which provides you with a list of our common internal reports. This can be reports on: Enrolment Counts, Data Integrity Checks, Learner Details, USI etc. It is still important however to know what is the key data you require, and in what type of format you require it.

Use the search function on the top right hand corner of the table below to search the main report category. I.e. Timetables.

Or search within the Reports Tab in Wisenet LRM. See instructions on how to find the right report in LRM.

You can choose between a Basic Report which allows you to generate information from Wisenet quickly and easily. Or, choose an Advanced Report which allows for a more targeted and specific report to be generated.

Learn More? How to Generate a Report

Once you create a Report this can be scheduled to be automatically generated and emailed.

You can also stay on top of your data and key reporting periods by setting up Tasks.

After Reports have been generated you may find that data in your system needs to be updated or edited. This information can up updated in bulk.

How to Bulk Update

Find the list of abbreviations that are used in reports below:

  • COR = Course Offer Registration, course enrolment
  • CUOR = Client Unit Offer Registration, unit enrolment
  • Desc = Description
  • FH = Fee Help
  • NoK = Next of Kin
  • Sup = Supervised
  • TFN = Tax File Number
  • UnSup = Unsupervised
  • UoS = Unit of Study
  • UoSR = Unit of Study Registration, unit of study enrolment
  • VFH = Vet Fee Help

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