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Introducing Learner App

This is a guide around setting up your Learner App and building an application for your learners to update their personal details; view their course enrolments, outcomes, attendance, payments and documents, and access your Elearning site. The application works on any internet browser on a data enabled device.

Note: Mobile App to access Learner App coming soon!

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For Learners
  • Learners can update their personal details
  • Enter their Unique Student identifier (USI) – Australian learners only
  • View Enrolment details and training history
  • View Timetable and attendance details
  • View Assessment progress
  • View Payment History (if applicable)
  • View Documents, including Enrolment Documents (uReport) attached to their profile
  • Access your Elearning site (if applicable)
For Organisation
  • The look and feel of the application can be customised to your organisation’s colours and your welcome text
  • Flexibility in who handles your Learner App updates as the application creates a Task when a Learner changes their details. This is ON by default but you can can Turn this OFF if you wish in Portal Settings Enable Update Learner Task

Set Up

In this stage, you will be designing your Learner App with appropriate brand colours, activating key tabs that you want your learners to access and setup email templates to provide your learners with a username and password.

Learner App Customisation

Only users with LRM Owner roles can complete this step. For more information see User Access Roles.

As LRM Owner you are responsible for the default settings you choose to set for your organisation to use the Learner App. This is to guide you on how to view and edit settings in Wisenet.

These settings allow you to control the information that is able to be accessed by your Learners. You do not need to update all of the fields but only those that are relevant to your delivery and organisation.

Some of the default settings to consider:

  • Choose whether or not your Learners can edit their personal (some key identifier fields are excluded) and demographics details
  • Edit the Title, text and background colour on the Learner App Home Page
  • How can your learners contact you for assistance with their learner app
  • Choose whether or not your Learners can:
    • View their Enrolment, Attendance and Payments Details, including results in Learner App
    • Access Documents, including Enrolment Documents (uReport) uploaded in their Learner section in Learner App
    • Access your Elearning site directly from the Learner App
      • IMPORTANT NOTES: If you do not have the following set up in LRM, the Elearning option will not be available for your Learners to see in Learner App:
        1. Elearning set up in Connected App for Moodle and/or Canvas
        2. ‘Show ELearning Menu’ enabled in Learner App Settings
        3. Elearning URL added in Learner App Settings

Learn More? How To View and Edit Learner App Settings

Website Link Update (Optional)

This is an optional step and should be completed only if you are wanting your learners to log into the Learner App from your website. We recommend that you ask your web developer or IT personnel to post the URL on the front of your website under a customised button or link.  below are some examples of how you can word the button/link:

  • Learner App Login
  • Learner Login
  • Login to Learner App
  • Student Portal
  1. Navigate to the Portal page
  2. Click on the Learner App icon
  3. Copy the URL
  4. Hyperlink it to a button designed on your website for the Learner App

Set Up Email Templates

There are two email templates that can be customised from the Settings > Email Templates section. Filter or Search for the followings:

  1. Learner App New Account - Client
  2. Learner App Password - Client

The templates are already defined with the username and password fields ready to be sent to your learners. You may want to customise the templates with your own branding and instructions to enhance the user experience.

Please note: You can only send active email templates. Please activate the templates when ready.


In this stage, you will learn how to invite learners to the Learner App and also customise Usernames and Expiry Dates.

Send Invitations to an Individual Learner or to Multiple Learners

Learner App access can be set for a single learner or for multiple learners.  In the process of enabling Learner App access  you can select which Course Offers you want Learners to be able to see. Learner App can always be viewed per Learner by going to the Learner Profile screen and selecting Learner App in the left navigation.

Enable, Modify or Disable Learner App access for:

  1. Navigate to LRM > Learners
  2. Open the relevant Learner’s record and check that they have an email address entered (update this if it is not entered)
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Learner App
  4. In the Learner App Settings section, switch Learner app access to Yes
  5. Enter an Expiry Date
  6. In the Access per course Enrolment section, switch Learner App Access to Yes against the Course Enrolment(s) you wish the Learner to be able to view online
  7. From the Action Menu, Select Send Invitation and this will send an email with the Learner’s login details to the Learner
    • Notes:
      • If this option is greyed out you might still need to configure the Learner App message template in Settings > Email Templates section
      • The password sent through the invitation is a one time use only. When the Learner logs in for the first time, it will automatically prompt them to change password
      • If you have already set up a Learncycle Activity  to automatically send an invite when Learner App access is switched to Yes, then you do NOT have to re-send an invitation at Step 7
      • If you need to disable Learner App access, simply switch the access to No
  1. Navigate to LRM > Course Offer
  2. Open the relevant Course Offer
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Enrolments
  4. Select the relevant learners
  5. In the Action Menu under the student listing, select Manage Learner App Access
  6. Modify the default settings as required.
    • For specific date access select Custom
  7. Click Save – the emails with the password will now be sent
    • NOTES:
      • The password sent through the invitation is a one time use only. When the Learner logs in for the first time, it will automatically prompt them to change password
      • Password must be 10 characters minimum, and contain 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 number and 1 special character

Customise Usernames and Expiry Dates

The Learner App Username can be edited separately from the Learner’s email address.

This information is useful if you wish the Learner to have a different Username than their email address. We recommend however that you try to keep them both the same value.

  1. Navigate to LRM > Learners and Search for the relevant Learner
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Learner App
  3. Update the Learner App Username by either:
    • clicking Change next to the Username, or
    • click on Action and select Edit user detail
  4. Either:
    • Tick the tickbox if you want to use the new email address as the new username, or
    • Type a new usename in the username box
  5. Click Save

Please Note:

By default, the Learner App expiry date is set to max course enrolment end date. If you require learners to have a different expiry date, you can either bulk update the expiry dates from the course offer > enrolments > manage learner app action ‘or’ set it under the client profile > Learner App page.

Set Up a Test Learner Account (Optional)

This step is optional and should be completed only if you are wanting to test your Learner App settings and see what your Learner will experience.

  1. Navigate to LRM > Learners
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Add New
  3. Enter the Test Learner details. Eg: John Smith
  4. Enter a valid email address that you have access to
  5. Click Save

Then, enable the Learner App access:

  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Learner App
  2. In the Learner App Settings section, switch Learner app access to Yes
  3. Enter an Expiry Date
  4. From the Action Menu, Select Send Invitation and this will send an email with the username and password.

If you do not want to setup a test learner account and want to just see how the Learner App looks like, see Introducing the Learner App to your Learner


Use Learncycles to automate the Learner App access invitations saving you time in sending them manually. In the Learncycle section of a Course Offer you can set an activity to send the Learner App invites.

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Learn how to troubleshoot email failures, forgotten passwords, username changes and date issues.

There are two ways to reset the password:

  1. Admin Reset – As an administrator, you can send the reset password email to a learner if they are requesting for a new password via their Learner profile > Learner App page.
  2. Learner Reset – As a Learner, they can reset their own password by choosing the reset password option on the login page if the Learner has forgotten the password.

Or, if the learner wants to create a new password, they can simply go into their account settings and create a new password.

Note: Password restrictions are found here: Wisenet Security Hub

Learners are unable to edit their disability information in the Learner App

Disability is part of the demographics section. Please ensure you have given access to learners to edit this section in your portal settings. See How To View and Edit Learner App Settings

How do I set a custom expiry date in bulk for the Learner App access?

You can set a custom expiry date in bulk by going into Course offer > Enrolments > Manage Learner App access > Choose custom under ‘Set Learner App Expiry Date to’ > Choose the appropriate date > Save.

How do I upload a logo to my Learner App?

Wisenet will have to upload the logos at the moment. Please raise a support ticket and send us your logo in either a .jpeg or .png format. The good resolution image is preferred.

Send Learner App invitation and Send Password reset email options are greyed out

Check if the Learner App email templates are activated under Settings > Email templates. If not, please see how to set up your Learner App Email Templates in the ‘Set Up’ tab on this page.

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