How to use Vaccination Status and Status Notes fields

This article will help you with a list of new fields IF you are required to capture COVID-19 Vaccination details for your Learners and Staff.

IMPORTANT! The following information is intended to be used as a guide and it is your responsibility to understand your specific requirements.

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements and legislation for tracking Covid vaccination status and privacy. It is recommended to NOT keep a copy of private documents such as copies of vaccination certificate / pass.

COVID-19 Fields
The requirements for COVID are ever changing throughout different jurisdictions. We have opted to provide a flexible solution to capture Vaccination details, rather than very specific fields that would quickly become obsolete. The Covid-19 fields include:
  • Learner
    • Personal Details – View and Edit Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes
    • Profiles Special Care Panel – New items for Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes when a value exists
  • Staff
    • Details – View and Edit Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes
  • Settings
    • Dropdowns – Manage Vaccination Status values
Vaccination Status and Vaccination Notes Examples

You can use the Covid-19 fields however you desire. However here are some examples:

Vaccination Status:

This is set up in Settings > Dropdown

  • Double Vaccinated
  • Single Vaccinated
  • Not-Vaccinated
  • Exemption
  • Unknown

LEARN MORE: How to set up COVID-19 Custom Dropdowns

Vaccination Notes:

As this is a free text field, you can type what ever you require

  • Who sighted it
  • Date
  • Vaccine type
  • Nothing
Monitor COVID-19 Data
  • Use Report #10003 – COVID-19 Vaccination Register to monitor COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Status Notes fields.
  • Use Report #0082 – Learner Profile Details to identify Learners without details in the Vaccination Status field.