Highlights: October 2022

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It’s been an exciting few months seeing the positive demand for our new Sales+ product. Streamlining education sales management allows you to do more with less while providing your applicants with an amazing sales experience.

We have made a lot of enhancements to the Application Form Builder and Submission process including the Payments & Billing capability.

Security is a fundamental pillar of our products and processes. Not only are the products secure to use, they are designed to prevent you needing to keep data outside of Wisenet in potentially less secure environments.

For example, Sales+ removes personal data and files from being in emails and employee’s computers reducing potential exposure points.

Security is a never ending project. Most enhancements we make, you gain the benefit without needing to lift a finger. Some features require you to enable a setting like Enforcing Social Login which allows you to enforce Single-Sign-On (SSO) and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Wisenet account.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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Major Updates

Steamlined Form Builder

The Form Builder allows you to easily design and customise your Forms collecting all of the information that you need for Online Enquiries and Applications.

The latest design has added even more options and flexibility.

  • Application Forms can now be 1 page
    • Signature and Terms can be removed or moved to first page
  • Multiple Terms
    • Can now have no, 1 or more Terms in a single form
  • Multiple Signatures
    • Can now have no, 1 or more Signatures in a single form
  • New form element “Confirmation”
    • Allows simpler type of confirmation without it being terms
    • Can be Required or not
      • eg. A privacy policy might be required… but opting into email alerts might be optional
  • Form Builder Resume form logic
    • This detects when a user leaves the form builder and in return they get a message asking if they would like to resume.
    • This prevents and alerts the user. This is an amazing feature that will prevent users accidentally losing their work. 
  • Improved user experience
    • Form Validation Logic enhancements
    • Page load performance for large Forms
Wisenet-October2022-Form Builder 1 page
Application Submission Process

Application PDF

The Application PDF is generated after an Application Submission. It is a pdf version of that resembles the Application Form and all of the data entered by the applicant. New changes include:

  • Signatures are now better sized
  • Displays multiple signatures
  • Displays multiple terms
  • Displays Confirmations
  • Date format is now DD MMM YYYY (instead of YYYY-MM-DD)

New Fields for Application

  • Agent
    • List of Active Agents
    • If this is supplied in the Submission then it will take priority over an Agent via an Application Link
  • Agent Notes
  • Enrolment Start Date
    • If not supplied, the Start Date is defaulted to the Course Offer Start Date

Save and Resume

  • Save and Resume popup improvements for Mobile
  • A few improvements to handle FormSubmissions that are no longer available
  • Updates to handle new Signature and Confirmation logic

File Upload Control Refinement

A new file upload control that is better performing and provides users with a better experience. Especially when there are many file uploads on the same page.

Billing & Payments


There is a new Connected App called “Billing & Payments”. The first version of this product is designed to manage Invoicing and Payments for Sales+.


All Sales+ transactions (Invoices and Payments) are stored in new Invoice and Payment entities in Wisenet. This allows financial data to be visible in throughout LRM providing financial transparency.

Reports (more Dashboards and Reports coming soon)

View Billing & Payment data in Reports section. Use and subscribe to Report #0969 to view the new Billing and Finance Invoice tables, or navigate to LRM > Learners > Learner Profile > Invoices and Payments.

Sales+ Performance Improvements

We are continually monitoring performance and logs and making changes to ensure a slick sales experience.

Minor Updates


Enforced Domains is now included in all Wisenet editions. We are encouraging all customers to set this up to enforce stronger security on your user access.

LEARN MORE: Enforced Domains

Auto Grade Updates


The Moodle Auto Grade plugin was updated with extra logic and logging to make Auto Grading more robust. We have installed this on all Hosted Moodles.


A complete redesign of how we check graded Assignments to accommodate random delays from Canvas. New more robust logic for checking that all assignments within an Assignment Group has a grade including the “Excused” is considered as graded.

This means that if there are 4 assignments that belong to an AssignmentGroup and 3 are Graded and 1 is Excused, the grade will still be sent to be AutoGraded.

Previously Excused was being considered as ungraded and was skipping AutoGrade.

LEARN MORE: Auto Grade

Elearning Integration

Course Offer > Elearning

The Course Offer > Elearning page now allows bulk editing and deleting of Elearning Course Offers. This makes it easier to change default Enrolment Rules and Groups.

Add Elearning Enrolments

Applications are now excluded from the list of records that currently do not have an Elearning Enrolment. This makes it easier to add Elearning Enrolments to only Accepted Enrolments.

Canvas Sub Account Filtering

Customers can decide which Canvas accounts will sync with Wisenet providing more flexibility. Particularly useful for customers with many Wisenet accounts.


The entire Location section has been redesigned with our new page styles making it easier for users to interact with Locations. Can’t say we are sad to see the death of this old page.

New Zealand: Bulk Update Unit Enrolment

Bulk Update Unit Enrolment now has all NZ Unit Enrolment fields in the same layout as Add Unit Enrolments.

Xero Invoice Sync
  • Xero Invoices no longer syncs VOID invoices
    • Void invoices in Xero will no longer sync to Wisenet
    • Deleted invoices in Xero will be removed from Wisenet


  • USI webservice V5 has been connected
  • Study Mode simplification for all customers removing duplicate QLD values

Wisenet donates Raspberry Pi computers to mission nursing schools across Kenya and Malawi to leverage technology for online learning opportunities to front-line medical professionals amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wisenet is looking forward to attending the 2022 National VET Conference in Gold Coast as one of the exhibitor of the conference. If you are around, do come say Hi! We always love seeing the happy faces of our customers 🙂