Introducing Enrolment

Enrolment is the process of recording a Learner’s registration into a Course.

Before a Learner can enrol into a Course Offer it is critical that the below areas have been explored and established to suit your delivery method.

Course Offers

Unit Offers

Add Learner

Learner Lifecycle

There are many options to consider when creating your enrolment process. Each organisation is different and potentially different courses have different enrolment requirements.

The Learner Lifecycle can be divided into 4 stages; Application, Progression, Completion and Reconnect.

It is an opportunity to reflect on the experience you want your learners to have throughout their enrolment and how you can make this easy for the administration staff. At each stage you have the opportunity to streamline your processes and ensure all key tasks are completed without error or stress.

Begin the Learner Lifecyle

Set Up


The Application Stage gives a more holistic and deeper exploration of your options to begin a Learner Enrolment.

See Education Sales Management

If you are familiar with this process you can apply your steps accordingly.

Learners are enrolled into a Course Offer as a Course Enrolment and Unit Offers are applied during this process.

How To Add a Course Enrolment

To keep track of documents and stages of the Enrolment process Checklists can be applied.

Checklist Suggestions and Examples 


The Progression Stage takes the Learner from accepting enrolment to completion of final Unit Enrolment.

See Learner Lifecycle: Progression

If you are familiar with this process you can apply your steps accordingly.

As Learners progress through the Course Offer their personal records require updating. This can be done individually or for multiple learners in Bulk.

Bulk Update Records


The Completion Stage takes the Learner from finalising their current Course Enrolment through to potentially new enrolment.

See Learner Lifecycle: Completion

If you are familiar with this process you can apply your steps accordingly.

When a Learner has completed their Course Offer final steps need to be taken to close the enrolment. This assists with generating reports for key Learners.

Finalise a Learner

How to Send a Survey

How to Generate Credentials


The Reconnect stage is an additional stage to allow communication with Learners to continue past completion. Some Learners may need to renew their Course every year or may be interested in another qualification. Not all organisations may require this step but it can be useful for marketing.

Explore Reconnect


Prepare for Government Reporting

As an organisation it is important to keep track of when your key reporting periods are- both internal and external. This helps with time management and to ensure a smooth and easy reporting period.


Processes can be put in place to ensure key tasks, documents and notifications occur. This can be extended to communication with Learners, updating data, issuing credentials which all help in streamlining and ensuring a smooth enrolment for the Learner and the organisation.



Message Templates


Enrolment Status Reason