Opportunity management is one of the integral part of Sales as it allows you to control the sales process.

Opportunities are recorded against Sales Contacts where the following information about a potential sale is recorded:

  • Opportunity Source
  • Opportunity Stage
  • Opportunity Type
  • Close Lost Reason
  • Sales Contact Stage

The Opportunity Board

We have introduced the Opportunity Board which allows you to Add an Opportunity and Manage Opportunities by using the Drag & Drop functionality to move Opportunities from one stage to another until closed.

Under the Sales Tab, you’ll find Opportunities on the Left Navigation Bar. On the Opportunity Board, you can:

  • Add New Opportunity
  • Search Opportunities
  • Filter by Owner
  • Filter by Open or Close
  • Drag and Drop an Opportunity in their new respective Stage

Opportunity Stage

An Opportunity Stage categorises the lifecycle of the Opportunity as it progresses.

This is vital for Opportunity management as it is used in the Opportunity Board and in dashboard metrics. The default Stages are already set for you, such as:

  • New Opportunity
  • Pending
  • Application Sent
  • Closed Won
  • Closed Lost

Please Note: You can change the above by navigating to LRM > Settings >Dropdown Lists

Ensure you set the correct Win Probability especially Won and Lost.

On Closed Won, you will have the option to perform either of the following:

  • Create Task
  • Send Email
  • Enrol Learner
  • Close