Highlights: February 2021

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We hope 2021 has been good for you so far. This highlight focuses on improvements to compliance processes, Logbooks and Elearning Enrolment management along with a number of small enhancements.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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Major Updates

New Logbook

A new version of Logbook is being released that is designed to have a more consistent design and improve usability. The Learner Logbook is the first section to get the change so we can monitor usage and feedback before we roll it out to all other Logbook sections.

The new Logbook design also allows us to implement some exciting new features which we will be sharing soon.

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Elearning Enrolment Management

Many customers have now transitioned to our new slick Elearning Integration. We have added a new section under Learner to view, filter and update all Elearning Enrolments. This makes it easier to manage Elearning Enrolments across all Course Offers and Learners. It is particularly useful when needing to:

  • Bulk manage Elearning Access
  • Bulk add Group(s) to Elearning Enrolments across Course Offers / Unit Offers

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Minor Updates

Sales Admin Now has Reports

Sales Admin users will now see the Reports Section with a list of available Sales reports. This allows Sales Admins to get more insights into their Sales Activities. They can also subscribe to reports.

Usability Improvements

A number of pages have been updated to increase the number of records displayed on a page to reduce the number of clicks to find a record.

  • Portal > User Management section
  • Learncycles
  • Sales Contacts
  • Elearning Course
  • Elearning Enrolments
  • Auto Grade Activities

Compliance Updates


VSL and HE Updates

The TCSI transition process is well underway with all VSL and HE customers working through the GoLive steps. Some beta customers have already successfully transitioned. A number of additional changes have been made to Wisenet LRM to accommodate the new TCSI requirements.

  1. Unit of Study Loan Fee rate change to 0% when Census Date is between 01/04/2020 and 30/06/2021
    1. This includes Add new defaults, Edit and Bulk Edit features
  2. Old HEPCAT based exports to continue to report the old Loan Fee rate values (calculated on the fly)
  3. NEW Field added to Course Enrolment for VSL/HE to more accurately collect the Course Outcome data (previously derived from Course Enrolment Status)
  4. Learner > Citizenship > Effective From Date is now mandatory
  5. New Sync to TCSI options in the Learner and Connected App sections
  6. The whole TCSI Sync engine is deployed and processing TCSI records

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