Application Form Submission

Application Form Submissions are created by applicants. When an applicant submits an application form via Sales+, Wisenet creates an Open Application for the relevant Learner, and a corresponding Application Form Submission logbook entry. This logbook entry is saved in the Course Enrolment logbook.

In the Learner’s Course Enrolment Logbook, for an application form submitted by an applicant, there will be two logbook entries:

  1. The outbound email to the applicant, confirming their application
  2. The Application Form Submission

If you have chosen for the course offer to auto accept applications, the application will come in as an enrolment, not an open application. 


Navigate to the Course Enrolment Logbook
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, Click on Learners
  2. Search the relevant Learner
  3. On the Learner Profile page, click on Open Applications
  4. Click on the relevant Application
  5. You are now on the Course Enrolment dashboard.
  6. On the Left Navigation Bar, click on Enrolment Logbook
  7. You are now on the Course Enrolment Logbook.


View the Application Form Submission
  1. Find the Application Form Submission entry in the Logbook.
    1. The title will be “Application Form Submission (Pending Review)
  2. Click on the title
  3. This will open a pull-out drawer where you can see:
    1. The form name
    2. The status
    3. Any attachments
    4. Any submission notes
    5. The submission summary

The Submission Summary is all of the questions from the application form, and the answers that the applicant wrote. 

New application form submissions always arrive with the status Pending Review. You can update the status at any time.


Change status
  1. Click on the Application Form Submission title. 
  2. The pull-out drawer opens.
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow next to “Status”
  4. Select a status: 
    1. Pending Submission
    2. Pending Review
    3. Reviewed

You can change the status to any status at any time, as many times as you want.


Run a report

You can run a report on all Application Form Submission data if you wish. The report is #12345, called “Form Submission Data”. 

For example, if your application form includes the question “Where did you hear about us?”, you may want to use this report to view all the responses to that question to inform your marketing efforts.

Learn more? How to generate a report

Once you generate the report and remove the data from Wisenet, you are responsible for the security of that data.

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