How to Set Up Elearning Enrolment Rules in Wisenet

Elearning Enrolment Rules are designed to automate the Elearning Enrolment access process. For example, you can set rules around enabling Elearning access with reference to Course Enrolment or Unit Enrolment Start and End Dates. This allow Wisenet to automatically control access as the Learner progresses without needing to manually manage this.

Required Wisenet Access: Portal Admin and Admin


Search, View and Edit Existing Rules
  1. Navigate to LRM > Settings
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Elearning Enrolment Rules
    • Existing Enrolment Rules will be listed and visible on this page
    • This is where you can individually Enabled or Disabled Elearning Rules by using the Toggle Button under the IS ACTIVE column next to each Rule.
        • When a rule is set as ACTIVE the change is effective immediately.
        • When a rule is set a INACTIVE Wisenet will not apply this rule automatically to any linked Offers. A confirmation box is required to be completed before you can continue.
        • You CANNOT edit Rule Type once saved.


Create New Rule
  1. On the Top Right Corner, Click Add Elearning Enrolment Rule
  2. Select Rule Type:
    • Course Enrolment: This is for Elearning Courses that are linked directly to a Course Offer
    • Unit Enrolment: This is for Elearning Courses that are linked to a specific Unit Offer
  3. Name the Rule
    • There is a maximum character limit of 100. And the name can be alphanumeric
  4. Enter Start Date and End Date rules
  5. Click Save