October 2020 Release Notes

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The Wisenet team has been working in developing more new features for 2020 which also include process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

NEW Elearning Integration

A complete redesign to Simplify your Elearning management

Easier more transparent set up in Wisenet LRM

Elearning Courses can now map to both Course Offers and Unit Offers

Includes Enrolment Group syncing

No longer requires Learner App set up

Allows custom Authentication (eg. Office 365, Google, custom)

Automated Elearning access management

Real-time record syncing (no more cron jobs!!!).

Automated Grading back to Wisenet (see Auto Grade below)

Simpler integration troubleshooting (not that there should be many integration issues anymore)

Very easy for Wisenet to deploy future Elearning updates

Same integration model for all Elearning Apps (Moodle, Canvas etc)

Pay only for Active Elearning Learner (not users)

NEW Auto Grade

Capacity to do MORE with EASIER setup

The Auto Grade feature is designed to update Unit Enrolment Grade Fields automatically in Wisenet LRM when a final grade is received from an external Elearning application. This integration is very powerful, reduces a lot of manual data entry and improves data quality.

Each Auto Grade Activity is tracked and visible in Dashboards and in screen monitoring.



Earlier this year we launched new Learncycle Workflow automation that allows Wisenet to do the heavy lifting.

Choose a trigger (on course enrolment creation) and configure the activities that you require (email, sms, ureport, sync to Xero, Enable Learner Access)