TCSI File Guidelines


The information provided is based on our interpretations of the requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant. If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact us.

TCSI File Overview and Logic Requirements

The TCSI integration will sync the following TCSI records:

  • Course
    • Course included when set as VSL or Fee Help Eligible
  • Campus (Location)
    • Location included once linked to a Course Offer > Unit of Study
  • Student (Learner)
    • Learner included once linked to a reportable Course Enrolment
    • CHESSN is auto populated if applicable
  • Course Admission (Course Enrolment)
    • Course Enrolment included if
      • Course Enrolment is VSL eligible or any HE enrolment
      • Links to at least one reportable Unit of Study
  • Unit Enrolment (Unit of Study Enrolment)
    • Unit of Study Enrolment included when
      • Linked Course Enrolment is VSL eligible or any HE enrolment
      • The Unit Of Study Enrolment has a Completion status other than empty or 9
  • Course Of Study – HEP only
    • All Course Of Study records are included
  • Courses on Campus – HEP only
    • This must be completed via the TCSI Data Entry tool
  • Exit Award – HEP only

Learn how the TCSI Integration Works

TCSI Elements and Wisenet Mapping

This mapping lists the Elements reported to TCSI for VSL and HE and where to find them in Wisenet. It also indicates what file the element is included in.

The official Element Specification is available on the TCSI Support website.

The quickest way to find what you are looking for is to type it into the Search function just above the table. You can also sort by clicking on the arrows at the top of each column.

Refer to our article to learn more about the TCSI checklist, migration process and timeline.