February 2020 Release Notes

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We at Wisenet are very excited to release the NEW Learncycles with brand new functionalities. We have also released other process enhancements, compliance updates and bug fixes.

We have exterminated several bugs in this release. If you have logged one, we will contact you personally.

NEW Learncycles

More intelligent, powerful and easier to use

Learncycles has been redesigned to deliver more powerful workflow automation.

Scheduling is now available for all activities (not just messages) and can now be set longer into the future.
Emails via Learncycles now have Reply To and Delivery Statuses.
Learncycles can be linked to many Course Offers allowing for easier management.

The new design allows for Learncycles to be extended to other LRM sections with more activities. We are seeking your feedback for automation ideas.

Introducing Lists

Lists have been introduced to group records by type.

Starting with Course Offers, Lists can be used to simplify the following:

Manage Learncycle Audience
Filter Reports
Find Similar Course Offers
and more…

Lists are useful when wanting to work with specific types of records. Example Lists: International / Short Course / Hospitality etc.

Other Product updates and Process enhancement

New Zealand Fees Free Eligibility changes

  • The FeesFree Eligibility status now supports the new values of 8, 9 and 0. The eligibility check feature in the learner section has also been updated to set this appropriately. The SDR will then report the selected value.
  • New FeesFree Export option added to the Exports section.

Agents – uReports and Emails

You can now generate uReport templates and email agents from the Agents profile. See Agent Logbook for more information.



In December 2019, we released the new TCSI fields for VSL and HE reporting. The TCSI Field Mapping article outlines the TCSI elements and how they map to Wisenet fields.

We recently received updates from TCSI about a delay in implementation. The new proposed date to start reporting through TCSI is May 4th, 2020.