Introducing Portal

The Wisenet Portal is the central login area for Wisenet users. It allows you to access and manage all Wisenet Applications with it’s single-login capability.

Get an insight and familiarise yourself with all the different sections on the Portal Dashboard.

1. My Account

This is where you can edit your personal details and change your password if necessary.

2. Profiles

Your Portal Profile Page is where you will access your Applications. Simply click on the relevant Application icon, i.e. LRM.

If you have multiple profiles you can set a custom logo/image for each profile to easily identify between profiles.

3. Integration

As Portal Admin this is where you can view your Integration History.

4. Users

As Portal Admin this is where you can view and manage all your users. This is where you also send a New Invitation for new users.

5. Applications


The LRM is the main Application for use. This is where you access your main Wisenet Account.

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This feature is an additional paid application for your license. Moodle is an Elearning application that allows you to use online learning for your delivery.


Learner App

The Learner App is another way you can connect easily with your Learners.
Before copying the link and giving Learners access, certain pre-steps need to be preformed.

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Online Enrolment

This feature is an additional paid application for your license. It allows Learners to enrol online and key information to be populated into Wisenet.

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Access Overview

All Wisenet users login to the Portal which controls their access to the Wisenet Platform.  All users are able to:

Portal Administrator access is given to key Wisenet users to mange the Wisenet platform.  This allows them to manage and review: Integrated Applications and User Access.

Portal Administrator Access

As a Portal Administrator you have extra permissions to:

Additionally, Portal Administrators can review all support requests for the organisation.

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