Highlights: January 2022

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Reflection is an important activity within all aspects of our lives. Often our busy agendas distract us from taking a step back to ponder. It’s a useful exercise that can lead to realisation of progress (or lack of) and what changes can be made to improve. Ultimately this leads to change and higher levels of satisfaction.

Looking back on 2021, I’m extremely proud of the Wisenet team and what we have achieved while largely working from home. Major new features include new highly automated Elearning Integration and Application Management. In addition to all of the feature releases we have also enhanced security, reliability, performance and deployment processes. This allows us to release updates frequently throughout each week during business hours which means more updates to you without disruption.

The most exciting news is that much of what we have been working on in 2021 is almost ready to release to customers. This is a new Sales product designed to streamline the process of receiving online enquiries and online applications directly into Wisenet. We are in the final phases of development and working with beta customers and look forward to sharing this with you in the coming weeks.

There are of course many other enhancements and new features that we are working on, some of which are outlined below.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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Major Updates

New Opportunity Actions

Designed to provide quicker access to the Sales Contact or to complete common actions.

Available in

  1. Opportunity Board
  2. Opportunity List
  3. Opportunity Slide Out

LEARN MORE: Opportunities

Minor Updates

Enhancements to Slide Outs

The slide out drawers have been refactored to improve load time performance plus uses new colours to improve usability. This is in the Sales and Logbook sections.

Xero Invoice Reference

The Xero Invoice Reference field is now being synced to Wisenet. This will happen automatically for any future Invoice change. If you would like old Invoices updated you will need to choose the resync Invoices option in LRM > Settings > Connected Apps > Xero.

Agent > Enrolments / Applications

  • Filter Enrolments by Course Offer Code and Enrolment Status
  • Filter Applications by Course Offer Code and Application Status

Timetable > Class > Learner List Enhancements

The Learner List grid has been updated to improve usability

  • Refinteral has been added
  • Tooltip added to show RefInternal and Date of Birth
  • ‘Status’ changed to ‘Attendance Status’
  • Informal Name (if exists) now shows in brackets appended to the First Name eg. Peter (Spiderman)

Learner Add and Edit Validations

Improved validations for

  • Email – Email field moved up to trigger the validation before pressing save
  • Date Of Birth – Now has warnings if less than 18 and 15
    • Also useful when current year is incorrectly set

Learner Profile > Course Enrolments

Enhancements have been made to improve performance as well as improve the information included in the tooltip, notably Location and Study Mode.

Exclude Superseded Units in Course Offer

Additional filters have been added to the Course Offer > Select Unit Offers page to default hide Superseded Units. A Unit can be set as Superseded with a Superseded Date within the Unit section.

There is a filter option to “Include Superseded Units” in case required.

New Duration Type Added

  • ‘Days’ is now a duration type option to choose
  • Available in Course, Course Offers and Course Enrolment

Learner App

Inactive Learners in LRM can no longer edit their personal information in the Learner App. They will instead be required to contact their training provider for any changes to their personal details. A message will be displayed next to the disabled ‘Edit’ button to advise the relevant learner.


You can now open multiple Learncycles in different tabs to allow you to work on them at the same time by simply clicking on the ‘external-link’ icon.



CHESSN service has been retired in LRM due to it being decommissioned by the government. CHESSNs will be auto assigned by the TCSI integration and updated in Wisenet.

CHESSN Management in TCSI

Victoria 2022 AVETMISS Export (AUS Only)

Export has been updated to accommodate 2022 changes to the NAT130 file. There are 2 new fields

  • Commenced At School Flag
    • Located in Course Enrolment
  • Specialisation Name
    • Located in Course Offer

NAT File Guidelines

SDR 2022 Export (NZ Only)

New fields added:

  • Total Fee 2022 and 2023
    • We have added TotalFee2022 and TotalFee2023 which is needed for SDR

Changes to existing fields:

  • Fee Assessment (ASSIST)
    • Change to the description for code = 13
      • Description = Refugee or protected person, yet to be granted a resident visa; the immediate family, also without a resident visa, of a person with refugee or protected person status; and those who have made a claim to be recognised as a refugee or protected person
    • New record with Code = 14
      • Description = 2021 Resident Visa pathway, children 25 years or under on 1 January 2022 and residing in New Zealand, of a parent on an eligible work visa for the 2021 Resident Visa
  • Fees Free Eligible
    • New record with Code = 2
      • Description = Student is eligible for fees-free, started fees-free consumption in 2022, and will always have status as 2

You can capture COVID-19 Vaccination details for both Learners and Staff in Wisenet LRM. Vaccination Status values can be managed in Settings > Dropdowns.