SDR File Guidelines

How to read the SDR files

There are Five (5) SDR Files mapped to Wisenet Fields.  You can open up the SDR files as exported from Wisenet. With a little help from the SDR manual you can make sense of these. Using these field mappings you can see where this data sits in your Wisenet database.

Each SDR File has a File Specification in which there is a table that provides three (3) key pieces of information to help you read the export file. These tables appear near the start of the SDR manual and give:

  1. Fields: Field Title
  2. Length: The length of that field
  3. Position: The column that the field starts in

Although the columns are side by side in the SDR files with no borders between them, you can count the number of characters from the left or open the file using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

Quick Tip

The quickest way to find a field is to type it into the Search function just above the table.


For a Learner to appear in the STUD File it needs to have a record in the COUR File


For a unit enrolment to appear in the COUR file it must be

  • marked as ‘For SDR’
  • have a EFTS value
  • and one of the following must also be true:


  • have a Unit Enrolment Start Date Year that is less than or equal to ( <= ) the export year AND
  • have a Unit Enrolment End Date Year that is greater than or equal to ( >= ) the export year


  • have a Unit Enrolment Extension Date Year that is greater than or equal to ( >= ) the export year


Unit details will appear in the CREG file:

  • when an enrolment in this Unit appears in the COUR File
  • taken from the Unit Offer with the latest start date, which has enrolments that appear in the COUR file
  • this means that at least one unit offer with relevant enrolments should have a start date

Quick Tip:

Check which Unit Offer is appearing by using Report 2020


For a qualification completion to appear in the QUAL file it must:

  • be in a course offer that is For SDR
  • have the client course enrolment ‘qualification issued’ flag ticked
  • have the ‘Actual End Date’ field containing the export year

If you update the ‘Actual End Date’ field after reporting in the SDR, a duplicate record will be generated in TEC’s database.
This is deprecated as it is essentially a fraudulent claim for a second completion for the same course offer enrolment.


A Unit Completion will appear in the COMP File when:

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