How to Transition to TCSI

There are a number of steps that need to be completed to ensure that the TCSI transition process is as smooth as possible. We have broken the process into 2 phases:

  1. Pre-GoLive
    1. This phase can be completed in your own time and all steps must be completed before GoLive can begin
    2. We recommend that you complete these tasks as soon as possible to prevent delays
  2. GoLive
    1. This phase requires more specific timing as the steps here require involvement of multiple parties and must consider the TCSI data submission logic (below)

VET providers do not have a safe mode and hence need to ensure data accuracy before the 7th of each month. This is the date that the TCSI payment data is sent to the ATO. It is recommended to cut over to TCSI around the 10th of the month to give more time to resolve any data issues prior to the 7th of the following month.

HEP providers have a safe mode option which allows the data to be collected and checked before advising to enable Go-Live.

Pre-GoLive Steps

Wisenet Process

Please complete these steps as soon as possible to reach an important TCSI ready milestone.


Advise Wisenet who your Key Contact is for the TCSI Migration

  • Please get this person to log a support with us. We will use this support for TCSI onboarding.
  • This is the person who we will communicate with during the process. They will be responsible for
    • HEPCAT/TCSI reporting
    • Making data changes in Wisenet to ensure data is TCSI ready


Ensure that PRODA is Connected

  • You likely would have already connected PRODA however a device is only connected for 6 months at a time
  • Please check that PRODA is still connected with a Device Expiry Date of more than 3 months
    • You can see this by going to Settings > Connected Apps > PRODA
      • This can only be done by Admins
  • If the PRODA device has expired or is expiring soon then please complete the process to Refresh an expiring PRODA Device


Resolve all validations in report 0948.

  • Go to Reports and search for 0948
  • Do not add any filters and choose the Generate Report option
  • Then choose to export to excel

Some errors may require assistance from Wisenet. Please log a support should you need any help.

Learn More? Wisenet Reports


Finish 2020 Reporting to HEPCAT. This includes:

  1. All Student data for 2020 census dates
  2. 2020 Unit of study completions
  3. 2020 Past course completions


Request a Data Extract from TCSI (It is best if this is done only AFTER 2020 reporting is completed)

    1. Customer to email TCSI
      1. TO Address: TCSIsupport@dese.gov.au
      2. Subject: TCSI Data Extract Request
      3. Body: Hi TCSI Team, Can we please request a CSV TCSI Data Extract for our Provider <InsertHEPCode>.
        The requesting person’s email address is <InsertEmail> and I acknowledge that this person is an active HEIMS user and is authorised to access this data.
    2. TCSI should provide the data extract as a zip file within 2 business days. See how to access your migrated data
      1. Provide this data to Wisenet using https://fromsmash.com/
        • You can choose to send by link
        • Share the link with Wisenet via the open support ticket
        • This is a more secure way to send the data than normal email as you can control when access to the files via the link ceases
    3. Wisenet will process this data into Wisenet which allows easier data mapping between Wisenet and TCSI records

TCSI Process


Review TCSI Data Analytics

Login to TCSI and use TCSI Analytics to complete a high level review of the data quality of data imported from HEPCAT

  • You may have already have completed this process
  • This can help identify if there are any major discrepancies in the data
  • It is useful to be familiar with these new data analytic tools


Advise TCSI of expected GoLive Month

The Transition Month is used by TCSI to:

  • schedule compulsory Onboarding Webinars ran by TCSI
  • Initiate other GoLive processes

I have already advised TCSI my GoLive month of February

  • We had previously advised customers that our intention was to transition in late February
  • This is still the case however depending on progress some customers might be pushed into March
  • Continue with the onboarding tasks however do not proceed past the STOP step below until advised

I have not yet advised TCSI of my GoLive month

  • This is ok. You should however advise them of your GoLive month now.
  • Please advise that it will be in March 2021


Attend TCSI Hosted Onboarding Webinars

TCSI will schedule a number of onboarding webinars for you to attend based on your GoLive date.

Rather than waiting for the specific webinar you can just watch the recording in your own time. We recommend watching the previously records webinars now to get this step completed. See Webinars-to-support-onboarding-to-TCSI

TCSI will NOT allow you to progress without attending these webinars.


TCSI Onboarding Survey to CEO

On the 3rd of the selected Transition Month TCSI will send a survey to the provider CEO.

It is important to NOT reply to this survey until Wisenet provides you with an EXACT GoLive date.

  • The GoLive date is when:
    • Your access to HEPCAT will be revoked
    • Your TCSI account will allow data updates
    • Wisenet will now be able to stream TCSI data
  • There could be a 2 day period for this functionality to occur from the GoLive date

Once Wisenet provides you with the GoLive Date, the survey can be completed.

GoLive Steps


Once your TCSI account is enabled for GoLive, Wisenet will be able to initiate TCSI data streaming. This means that:

  1. Wisenet will conduct an initial sync of data changed from 01/01/2021
  2. Each night an automated TCSI sync process will occur that processes any TCSI data changes to TCSI


The data sync process can cause a number of data validation issues that need to be resolved by the customer. The number of issues will be higher on initial connection, but overtime should be less.

Use the TCSI Validation Errors and Resolutions article to find and resolve the error. Once the required data changes have been made in Wisenet, either wait for the next nightly schedule or manually trigger a resync from connected apps.


HEP Providers Only

HEP providers also need to submit data for Course on Campus. This is not currently being complete automatically by Wisenet. Please login to TCSI and use the TCSI Data Entry tool to enter the Course on Campus data and it is accurate for 2021 and beyond.