Highlights: November 2021

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“You may delay, but time will not.”  –  Benjamin Franklin

A lot of consideration and planning is done towards the sequencing of new features. This is vital to ensure that features are delivered as quickly as possible without causing disruption to your business. We then engage with customers to encourage transitioning to the new features. 

Most customers have transitioned to the new user access roles but there are still some that have not. The new roles are essential for the upcoming roll out of some major new features (which we hope to share with you soon).

There have been a number of enhancements to Elearning Integration with most customers having transitioned to the new version. We have also worked with customers to understand requirements for collecting Covid-19 Vaccination details and delivered a solution.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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Major Updates

New Portal

The Wisenet Portal is being updated for enhanced security, usability and functionality. This will allow us to more easily add additional account and user management features in the near future. The new Portal is going through final testing and will be released soon.

There should be no impact to users other than an updated user interface. The only major change is that Settings has moved into LRM (see below).


Wisenet Apps Settings is now in LRM by navigating to LRM > Settings > Apps Settings.

These settings were previously available in the Portal by Portal Administrators. Now users with LRM Owner access are responsible to manage Apps settings. Relocating the settings to LRM allows all settings to be managed in one place for an account.

A quick reminder to ensure that you have transitioned Users to have the correct access levels before accessing Apps Settings.

LEARN MORE: Settings

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

The requirements for COVID are ever changing throughout different jurisdictions. We have opted to provide a flexible solution to capture Vaccination details, rather than very specific fields that would quickly become obsolete. A list of new fields include:
  • Learner
    • Personal Details – View and Edit Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes
    • Profiles Special Care Panel – New items for Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes when a value exists
  • Staff
    • Details – View and Edit Vaccination Status and Vaccination Status Notes
  • Settings
    • Dropdowns – Manage Vaccination Status values

We have created an article to help guide you through some examples on how you can track COVID-19 information.

Minor Updates

Canvas Integration

  • Moving forward, when a Learner is set to ‘Active’ in Wisenet, the Learner will be automatically Accepted AND Enrolled in Canvas. The Learner will no longer need to manually decline or accept their Enrolment in Canvas.
  • Courses in Sub-accounts will now also sync to Wisenet from Canvas.

Moodle Integration

  • Now supports multiple groups. Must use ; as the separator eg. Melbourne; Bob Jones would ensure that 2 groups are set against the ElearningEnrolment in Moodle.
  • There is a new setting Elearning Groups Restriction which allows the customer to restrict Elearning Group management to Add ONLY.
    • This allows Group Management in both Wisenet and Moodle without Wisenet removing Groups added manually in Moodle
    • If this setting is NOT enabled then Wisenet is the source of truth and removes groups not set in Wisenet

Tweaks to New Roles

Since releasing new roles in September we have been making a number of tweaks based on customer feedback.

Move Course Offers

This feature allows users to move enrolments from one course offer to another. This was restricted to Owner or Admin roles. The following changes have been made:

  • PowerUser: able to ‘Move Course Offer’ when either an Application or Enrolment
  • User: able to ‘Move Course Offer’ when Application only

Revert Enrolment back to Application

This feature allows users to revert a Course Enrolment back to an Application. This was previously allowed for Owner, Admin, PowerUser and User roles. The following changes have been made:

  • User: The ‘Revert to Application’ option is now unavailable

Trainer Timetable

You can use the Trainer Dropdown within Timetable and select All Trainers to see all the trainers that have a class linked or assigned to them.

Agent Email Template

A new Email template is now available in Agent Logbook which can be set in both Settings as well as Agent Logbook.

Logbook File Download Options

You can now download and save a Logbook File by right-clicking on the actual file and selecting “Save link as”.

NZQA Export

A new Search field has been added in NZQA Export. Customers should now be able to search by:

  • SetID
  • Provider Ref
  • Reject Reason
  • Export Date

Status Reason is now labelled as Enrolment Status Reason

Previously known as Status Reason is now renamed as Enrolment Status Reason. Learncycle will be automatically updated to show the updated Enrolment Status Reason immediately if there’s a change to any Status Reason.


Action Required!

If you are a Training Provider reporting to TCSI and you have not yet transitioned to the new Wisenet roles introduced last month, we then urgently request you action the following:

  1. Allocate New Owner Role – Connected Apps is now only available for the new role ‘Owner’. Decide who within your organisation will be the LRM Account ‘Owner’ and allocate this new access role to the relevant staff member(s).
  2. Resync TCSI Data – Please resync TCSI data from LRM>Settings>Integration> Connected Apps>PRODA/TCSI. We recommend resyncing data for all of September to ensure that all records are up to date in TCSI.
  3. Monitor the Resync – Use Event Alerts as well as Report #0952 (TCSI Reported Data Overview) to ensure that there are no issues syncing to TCSI.

When you log into Wisenet LRM, you can easily identify the User Role you are logged in as from the Footer section of the page.

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