Highlights: 2020 Review

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2020 has certainly been an interesting year. It has forced all of us to reflect on what is truly important in our personal and professional lives. An important trait is adaptability and being able to pivot with quickly changing circumstances. 

Prior to 2020, Wisenet had invested heavily in changing how we develop and deliver our product and services. We have transitioned from large periodic releases that require after hour outages to smaller zero downtime business hour releases multiple times a week. This means more updates more often.

This allows us to very quickly respond to changing demands and was vital with the huge increased demand for online education capability with our new Elearning and Website offerings.

Reflecting back on the year we identified however, that the new continuous release strategy requires changes to our release communication. Ensuring that customers are aware of new features and enhancements. And with a number of exciting new features scheduled for release early next year, we wanted to make a few improvements.

Introducing Highlights!

On a monthly basis, Highlights will provide you with information on:

  • Major/Minor product updates
  • Did you knows?
  • Webinars – past and upcoming webinars
  • plus other useful content

We will communicate new Highlights posts in Learn, via Email and on social media.

This first edition will reflect on 2020 as a whole. 

Take care and enjoy the holiday break.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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Major Updates

New Workflows and Events

Learncycles are designed to automate processes within a Learner’s Lifecycle. The new version released in 2020 provided lots of enhancements

  • More activities: Send Email, Send SMS, Create Task, Generate uReport, Sync to Xero, Learner Access, Update Learner or Course Enrolment fields
  • Schedule: any activity can be triggered based on many Course Enrolment Date anchors
  • More sections: Learncycles are being added to other Wisenet sections. Recent additions include Elearning Rules and Auto Grade.

While many customers are using automation, we can see from our stats that some customers are banking in on these benefits.
See how Learncycle Workflows can automate your business

New Elearning Integration

Designed to largely automate Elearning Management. The first release focused on a new Moodle integration with other Elearning apps underway (Canvas). 2020 was our biggest Elearning growth year with a large number of new Moodle installs. Key benefits from the new integration:

  • Elearning Enrolment management within Wisenet
  • Sync Users, Enrolments and Groups to Elearning from Wisenet
  • Automated Elearning Enrolment Access Management
  • Automated Elearning Grades back to Wisenet (no manual grade data entry into Wisenet)
  • Custom Authentication

Reduce admin and connect your Elearning platform to Wisenet

New Website Edition

This edition was launched to simplify the website hosting and design process tailored for education providers. Tap into our bench of professional experts rather than hiring or outsourcing each individual role (graphics, content, website design, coding).

  • Beautiful websites tailored for you with your logos and content
  • Online Enquiry to Wisenet Sales
  • Online Opportunity to Wisenet Sales

Modernise your Website and link it to Wisenet

New Unlimited User Pricing

Over the past year many customers have taken advantage of the new Unlimited User pricing editions. This allows any of your staff to login to Wisenet without login count restrictions and instead you pay per Active Learner. There are many benefits to this:

  1. Unlimited Users ensures that more staff have more access. Wisenet is adding more features that benefit more staff within an education provider; for example:
    1. Sales Section
    2. Task Management
  2. Per Learner pricing scales with your business. We ride your ups and downs. This has been particularly useful for some providers with changing 2020 Learner numbers
  3. The Learner Management cost can be easily worked out and offset back to the Learner in Enrolment Fees
  4. Per Learner pricing is metered monthly ensuring more fair pricing across time. Only pay for Learners as long as they are active.

Contact Us if you would like to learn more

Minor Updates


There have been many enhancements to logbook over the year with the biggest change coming early next year. We are in final testing of a new Logbook design. The following are already released:

  • Bulk Send Email
  • Task Board filter saving
  • Simplified Task Assigned To logic
  • Email Template Redesign
  • Improved Placeholders – New naming and options

Sales Section

  • More Sales Dashboards
  • Task Notifications for Incoming Enquiries and Opportunities
  • Add Documents to Opportunities
  • Opportunity Board filter saving


  • Agent Logbook updated to allow Generate uReport and Send Email
    • This is useful for a range of Agent documents such as Agent Contracts
    • Emails can be sent to linked Agent Contacts


  • Profile Photo enhancements and Student Cards
  • Learner Access Management enhancements
  • Learner updated record in Learner App Task and Notification


  • More fields for employee management

Compliance Updates


New Zealand

  • SDR: CREG file QUAL field now can be set from a new Unit field – Host Qualification Code
  • NZ FeesFree:
    • Eligibility Check in Learner now allows year selection
    • RPL data is only reported based on fees (no longer based on outcome codes)

South Africa

  • Localisation for South Africa
  • CHE reporting requirements have been added

To search for Reports with specific fields, you can use the ‘Search by Fields’ option and include the required fields separated by a comma.
For example: Course Offer Start Date, Enrolment Status, Course Code

“Great things in business are never done by one person” – Steve Jobs

Meet Ben

Sales Specialist

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Wisenet-Did you miss our webinar-Banner

In August 2020 our planned roadshow went virtual. We held 7 Virtual Discovery Sessions that focused on how to successfully and efficiently use Wisenet. These sessions are a great way to fast track using all that Wisenet has to offer.

26/11/2020  24mins26secs

Learn the ins and outs from a Wisenet expert on how to effectively manage your compliance data.

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