Auto Grade


The Auto Grade feature is designed to update Unit Enrolments automatically in Wisenet LRM when a final grade is received from an external Elearning application. This integration is very powerful, reduces a lot of manual data entry and improves data quality.

How does the Auto Grade work?

LRM Owners set up Auto Grade Rules in Wisenet LRM that contain the required logic for what Unit Enrolment Grade Fields need to be updated when a Grade is submitted to be processed. Wisenet then automatically processes incoming Grades from your LMS and updates the correct Unit Enrolments in LRM.

Grading can be done by Range or Value. The table below shows examples of both:

Please Note: You can set more custom Rules (Range and Value) as per your organisation’s requirements.

When a final grade is recorded against an assessment in your LMS, it will send an Auto Grade Activity event to Wisenet to be processed. Eg. if a GradeValue = 90 is passed for a GradeName = XYZ12345, for Learner = ZZZ, it will find matching Unit Enrolment(s) and update the Unit Enrolment fields(s) as per the Auto Grade Rule requirements:

  • Final = 90
  • End Date = Activity Date
  • Result (The custom value set within your organisation) = High Distinction
  • Outcome (Required completed government Outcome value) = 20 | Competency achieved/pass

IMPORTANT NOTE: No final grade will be synced to Wisenet, unless all graded items for a user has a grade recorded against a graded item.

AutoGrade Outcome Logic

How to Install the Auto Grade Integration

IMPORTANT! Before you get started with the Auto Grade Rule and Elearning set up below, please complete the integration installation in your Elearning application.

How to Set Up Auto Grade Moodle Plugin

Set Up Auto Grade Rules

Define Auto Grade Rules and configure conditions to automatically update Unit Enrolment fields when a grade is submitted to Wisenet.

How to Set Up Auto Grade Rules

Set Grade Rules as defaults at the Course offer and Unit offer level

Bulk set the Grade Rule as a default at the Course offer or Unit Offer level.  

How to link Auto Grade Rules to Unit Offers

Moodle: Setup Grade Categories

All the individual assignments/assessments per Unit can be organised into Grade Categories in Moodle. A Grade Category has its own aggregated grade which is calculated from each assignment’s grade value. Each assignment may belong to only one Grade Category. However, you can set the Grade Category Name in Moodle with multiple Unit Codes to update multiple Units in Wisenet.

How to Set Up Grade Categories in Moodle for Auto Grade

Canvas: Setup Assignment Group

All the individual assignments/assessments per Unit can be organised into Assignment Groups in Canvas.

How to Set Up Assignments in Canvas for Auto Grade

Monitor and Process Grade Activities

You can monitor and process grade events known as Auto Grade Activities from the Reports > Auto Grade Activities page.

How to Monitor and Process Grade Activities