Credentials / Certificates

Introducing Credentials

Credentials refer to:

  • Qualification Certificates
  • Statement of Attainments
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Letters of Offer
  • Certificates of Attendance / Participation

Each time a credential is generated it is automatically added to a central credential register for audit purposes. All Credentials are given a unique 10 digit number.

You can create your own custom template based on our generic templates with easy to use Word documents. Add your own artwork, text and logo, upload several different credential templates and change them whenever you like and at no cost. However, if you require Wisenet to develop a custom template, charges may apply.

Credentials require very careful setup in order to generate correctly. Please follow the steps very carefully.

Before you begin learn about the different Credential Types


  • Produce credentials for individual course enrolment or in bulk
  • Different Credential status option: Requested, Issued, Cancelled
  • Options to Saving and printing copies of the Credentials
  • Option to Email Issued Credential
  • Option to delete Requested Credentials
  • If you have issued a credential and you wish to revoke it, you can ‘cancel’ it. It will remain on the register but will be marked as cancelled. This ensures the integrity of your credentials register

Set Up

Prepare Course Enrolments

Credentials are designed to be generated for a Course Enrolment.  Therefore a Learner must first be enrolled into an appropriate Course Offer.

How to set up a Course Enrolment

Some Credential Templates require Unit Enrolments with appropriate Outcomes. This is because some Credential Templates are designed to only show competent Unit Enrolments.

How to Update Unit Enrolment Outcome Code


Generate a Credential

Generating a Credential is achieved using the uReport feature.  It uses Credential template documents to format and input required Credential information.

If this is the first time your company is generating Credentials we recommend to first test the process using our generic templates. Then once confident with the process you can create your custom templates for live situations.

How to Generate a Credential

Customise your Credential Template

Once understanding the Credential process you should now have a Course Enrolment and Credential record set up.

You can now create your custom Credential templates.

How to Create a Custom Credential Template

Extend Credential Options

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