What is an API?

An API allows Third Party Applications to connect to Wisenet via an interface. The available fields that can be accessed and grouped into entities are referred to as Endpoints. Each Endpoint represents a different set of data and can be called as required to send and retrieve data.

How to use the Wisenet API

The Wisenet API is a RESTful web service. There are many benefits to using the API, here are some common use cases:

  • Send and Retrieve data from Wisenet to populate a 3rd party application
    • Membership application
    • Internal employee tracking application
    • CRM
  • Custom online applications
    • Your Website into Wisenet
    • Another application to Wisenet
  • Update existing data in Wisenet
    • Update unit enrolment details from an external system

API Developer Resources

The Wisenet API Docs contains all of the technical documentation required for developers to consume the API.

You will need to Generate an API Key

The API has combo endpoints which should be used as the source of truth. However the following excel file provides the combos to assist developers with preparing combo mapping between 3rd party systems and Wisenet. Wisenet API Combo Lists v1


  • We recommend that you obtain a Wisenet Test Environment to allow your developers to play and test without impacting your live data. They can be invited to this test account as Owner.
  • It is up to you if you want to invite the developers to your production account. Or you can just provide them with an API Key once they need it.