TCSI Exit Award

TCSI Exit Award is for Fee Help only. It is required when a Course Enrolment is finished early and results in a Learner able to be awarded another qualification of lesser value based on their completion progress.

Steps to follow:

PLEASE NOTE: This is only for Fee Help and NOT for VSL.

Required Access: Admin Only


Finalise Course Enrolment

IMPORTANT: If a Learner does not finish a qualification but is eligible to receive an exit award, the original Course Enrolment should NOT be completely removed nor moved to a different Course Offer.

Instead you need to finalise the existing Course Enrolment by:

  1. Finalise any linked Unit of Study Enrolments as required
    1. Completion Status
    2. Outcome Date
  2. Finalise the Course Enrolment
    1. Actual End Date
    2. Enrolment Outcome Status
      1. A value of 6 – Transfer to complete a related course requires an Exit Award to be submitted to TCSI

How to update UoS Enrolments


Report Exit Award to TCSI

There are two ways to report Exit Awards to TCSI. Both are via the TCSI portal Login

  1. Use TCSI Data Entry
  2. Upload the  Exit Award file (See template)

We recommend using Report #0957 that will provide you a list of all Course Enrolments with Fee Help Eligibility and with Enrolment Outcome Status = 6. This report can be used for either Exit Award method above.


Issue Credentials

You may want to issue credentials for the Awarded Qualification. If so, we recommend that you create another Course Enrolment in Wisenet LRM by following the two important rules below:

  1. This newly created Course Enrolment should NOT be reported to TCSI and hence the FH Eligible should be set to FALSE.
  2. No UoS Enrolments are required as the Learner has not obtained a Loan.
  3. You could add somewhere in the Status or Notes of the new Course Enrolment that this was due to the partial completion of the other Qualification
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