Transition to New User Access Roles

Why this change?

User Access Roles control what a User can and cannot do within software applications. Wisenet is working on a number of projects in this space to provide customers with greater flexibility in how they can provide just enough access for each User to effectively conduct their job. This ensures that specific actions can be more easily restricted per User.

The final solution is a huge redesign with a longer timeline, however we wanted to provide immediate improvements based on customer feedback.

What is changing?

We are introducing some new User Roles and tweaking some permissions of existing Roles. Some roles are unchanged but some will have less permissions. NONE of the changes will provide any user with more permissions than they have now.

Here is a summary of the roles that are now available:

  • Owner (NEW)
    • Designed to manage Wisenet LRM. Full access.
  • Admin
    • Mostly unchanged however some settings will now be unavailable
  • Power User (NEW)
    • Designed to manage all records but with no settings or delete
  • User
    • Changed to no longer allow
      • Add / Edit Courses or Units
      • Add / Edit Course Offer or Unit Offers
      • Add / Edit Timetables or Classes
      • View Staff section
      • Issue Credentials
      • Run Compliance Exports
    • This role has the most amount of changes and is now focused on Enrolment Management and no longer includes Academic setup
  • Sales Admin
    • Unchanged
  • Sales Manager (NEW)
    • Designed to function as the Sales role previously functioned
  • Sales
    • Changed to view and edit own records only. Records that are assigned to the user.
  • Student Support
    • Unchanged
  • Guest
    • Unchanged
  • Trainer
    • Unchanged

A detailed overview of Access Roles can be found here: User Access Roles

What do I need to do?

Only Portal Admins can modify User access from within the Portal. We recommend that a Portal Admin uses this as an opportunity to review your Users and complete the following process:


Navigate to Portal > Users

Note: If you do not see the Users section in Portal, it means you are not a Portal Admin, therefore you do not have permission to see Users.


Review your users and revoke access for anyone that no longer requires access.

You do this by selecting Modify and then choosing None for all roles.


Ensure that no one is using or reusing someone else’s login details. This can raise unnecessary audit issues.

Each new user requires their own login. Invite any users that are sharing logins.


Understand the role access changes and decide whether you need to modify roles for any Users:

    1. Decide which Admin requires the Owner role. There should be at least one person that has the Owner role and it is usually the same as who is currently Portal Admin.
    2. Decide which Admins can function with the PowerUser role. These are people that do not require settings or delete permissions.
    3. Decide which Users need to be able to manage (add / edit) Courses, Units, Course Offers, Unit Offer, Timetables or Classes. These Users will need to be upgraded to the new PowerUser role.

LEARN MORE: How to Modify Wisenet User Access

When does this take effect?

To reduce disruption we are rolling these changes out in 2 stages.

Stage 1

New Roles Available – Immediately 31st August 2021

The new Roles are released BUT with the same permissions as existing roles.

  • Owner has same permission as old Admin
  • PowerUser has same permission as old User
  • SalesManager has same permission as old Sales

This allows you to assign the appropriate Access Role to each person now prior to the permission change. We recommend that you go through this process now as it will mean that all people will already have the desired access once the Roles are enforced in Stage 2.

You can do nothing now and wait until Stage 2, however it will mean that when we release, your users might no longer be able to access things that they require.

Stage 2

Changes to Role Permissions are Enforced – 20th September 2021

This release will enforce the changes to Role permissions for both new and old Roles.

If you have already assigned Roles in Stage 1, there should be nothing further that you need to do. If however staff complain about restricted access, then you will need to ensure the right Role is assigned.