How To Subscribe to a Report

Subscribing to a Report allows you to automatically generate a report specific to your requirements with the time frames you set.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Reports

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: How To Find the Right Report, How To Generate a Basic Report


Navigate to LRM > Reports


Generate Report
  1. Select the Report you wish to run. Not sure? How to Find the Right Report
  2. In Step 2 of the Report, tick Yes to subscribe
  3. The remaining steps of the Report will open, enter filter criteria for your report (skip this step if you do not want to filter your report): How to Generate a Basic Report 
  4. In Step 3, choose Generate Report as your output method
  5. A preview of the report will now open – click Subscribe to this Report 


Set Up Subscription Email Details
  1. Enter the email address of individuals or email group that you wish to send the report to (separate multiple email addresses with a semi-colon)
  2. Select the Render format that you wish to export the report to (i.e. PDF, Excel, CSV etc)
  3. In the Comments field, enter a description of how the report is filtered (i.e. enrolments commencing ‘next week’, etc)
  4. Next to Schedule, Select Create

Note: Do NOT click Add because you will need to Set Up Subscription Schedule as shown in Step 4 below.


Set Up Subscription Schedule
  1. Enter in the key details required to schedule your Report.
  2. Select Ok
  3. Now Select Add
  4. It will now direct you to the Subscriptions Manager


Subscriptions Mananger

To manage and view Report Subscriptions use the Subscriptions Manger.

  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, Select Subscriptions Manager
  2. Select All or other category for different views
  3. Click Action and Select to either Edit or Delete your Subscriptions


When a new version of a report becomes available subscriptions do not automatically produce the latest version.

Each subscription is it’s own copy of the report with appropriate filtering and schedule details.

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