EFTS (Equivalent Full Time Student)

Equivalent Full Time Student (EFTS) is a New Zealand government standard for assessing the time contribution of a unit enrolment.  In Wisenet, EFTS is collected at:

  • Unit for default value for newly created Unit Offers
  • Unit Offer for default value for newly created Unit Enrolments
  • Unit Enrolment which is the lowest level from which EFTS reporting is completed
The logic around how EFTS is calculated in Wisenet

The EFTS value at the Unit Erolment is combined with the Unit Enrolment Start, End and Withdrawal Dates to determine EFTS months across each Year.

For example:

  • Unit Enrolment EFTS = 0.12 | Unit Enrolment Start Date = 01/10/2016 | Unit Enrolment End Date = 31/09/2017
    • Therefore the Unit Enrolment is active over 2016 and 2017.
    • As there are 12 active months each month will have 0.12/12 = 0.01 EFTS per month
    • There will be 0.01 EFTS in 2016 for October, November and December. A total of 0.03 EFTS in 2016
    • There will be 0.01 EFTS in 2017 for January through to September inclusive. A total of 0.09 EFTS in 2017

This is calculated for every Unit Enrolment.  It is reported to SDR and used in EFTS Reports

Important Note:

Every time that one of these fields change, Wisenet auto calculates the new EFTS MTHS breakdown

EFTS Reports


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