Introducing Application Management

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We are excited to introduce a number of new features to streamline your Education Sales Management processes.

Those who attended our webinar (see recording) earlier this week learnt of the upcoming Application Management release. Application Management makes it easier to visualise the sales process and have separation from an enrolment record with a distinct application review process. All of these changes are included in all editions!

This article provides an overview of all of the changes made to support Application Management. We have focused a lot of attention on ensuring that we minimised the number of changes and learning required to use both old and new features.

The NEW Application Management is just one feature within our overall Education Sales Management offering. We have a number of other Sales features that we are working on scheduled for release later this year. We strongly encourage that you begin the journey and read our philosophy on Education Sales Management.

We hope you enjoy this release and we look forward to any feedback.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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NEW Application Management

NEW Course Enrolment / Application Dashboard with capacity to view and do MORE

  • Centralised overview of the Course Enrolment / Application Record.
  • The dashboard view will change depending on whether the record is an Application or Enrolment.
  • Counts and quick links to related records.
  • Includes the logbook list and logbook actions.
  • Able to quick change Status and Status Reasons from the dashboard.

Learner Profile

  • Enrolments are now split into Enrolments, Open Applications and Rejected Applications.
  • All of the action dropdowns have been updated for consistency.
  • Course Enrolment links default to the new Dashboard page.

Course Offer

  • Separation between Enrolments and Applications.
  • New dashboard counts for Open Applications.
  • All of the action dropdowns have been updated for consistency.
  • Course Enrolment links default to the new Dashboard page.

Add Course Enrolment

User can Choose to Enrol or add Application Review Process:

  • Enrol – This follows the current Enrolment Process
  • Application – This uses the new Application Process where users will choose Application Status
  • There are a number of options available to add Checklists, Units, Elearning Enrolments depending on whether Enrol or Apply.

View / Edit Course Enrolment / Application

  • The details page has been updated to display appropriate information depending on whether the record is an Application or Enrolment.
  • Application has Accept and Reject options that take the user through the appropriate flow. This includes setting any linked Opportunity to Closed Won or Closed Lost based on the Application being set to Accepted or Rejected respectively.
  • Editing a record will be similar to previous capability.

uReport – Letter of Offer

  • Letter of Offer regions previously only included Course Enrolments with an Enrolment Status = Enquiry or Pending.
  • Letter of Offer regions now also include records with an Application Status = New, Reviewing, Pending.
  • This will allow old processes to continue to work and it will also allow customers to transition to use the Application feature.


The Learncycles have been updated to include Application capability:

  • On Course Enrolment Creation is now On Course Enrolment / Application Creation
  • New trigger options for Application Status and Application Status Reason
  • New trigger condition to schedule off new field Application Expiry Date

Sales Opportunity

Two new fields have been added to allow other ways to categorise Opportunity records:

  1. Tags
    • Categorise opportunities how you desire
    • Managed centrally via Settings > Dropdowns
  2. Pipeline
    • Allows grouping by Sales Team (Melbourne vs Sydney or Short Course vs Diploma)
    • Setup via Settings > Dropdowns

Settings > Dropdowns

  • Application Status Reason.
  • Pipeline.
  • Tags – Course Enrolment and Opportunity.

Add Elearning Enrolment Options

New options are available allowing Elearning Enrolment(s) to be added to Learner(s) during the actual Enrolment event. The default is No to prevent incorrectly enrolling users into all Elearning Courses. The user must explicitly set Yes. This option appears in:

  • Add Course Enrolment
    • Adds any Elearning Course(s) linked to the Course Offer
  • Accept Application
    • Adds any Elearning Course(s) linked to the Course Offer
  • Add Unit Enrolment(s)
    • Adds any Elearning Course(s) linked to selected Unit Offer(s)

Online Enrolment New Acceptance Options

  • When processing an Online Enrolment the user can either accept immediately or add to the Application Review process. 
  • This provides more control in managing the application process and also allows you to leverage a more robust review process including logbook and automation.

Home Dashboard

  • The home dashboard has been redesigned to better fit widgets on the page.
  • Improved to include all new Event Alert capability.

Public API

  • A number of changes were made to accommodate the new Application Management changes. These have all been done to prevent breaking customers integrations.
  • An Application is actually the same record as a Course Enrolment and hence is part of the course-enrolments endpoints. The logic is:
    • Application – When Course Enrolment does NOT have an Enrolment Status
    • Enrolment – When Course Enrolment has an Enrolment Status. And Application Status = Accepted
  • Therefore the following changes have been made to automatically handle new Application Status:
    • If Enrolment Status is provided and Application Status is NULL the API will auto set Application Status = Accepted
    • If no Enrolment Status or Application Status is provided then the API will auto set Application Status = New
    • If an Enrolment Status is provided and the Application Status is provided other than Accepted an error will be returned

How to get started?

  • The NEW Application Management is included for all Wisenet customers and while you do not need to use the feature we encourage you to review your current application requirements
  • Whether your enrolments are created manually, from online enrolment or a custom integration, the application feature allows you to better control and visualise the process
  • When processing an Online Enrolment the user can either accept immediately or add to the Application Review process.
  • Applications are excluded from government reporting
  • Learncycles allow you to automate key milestones. If you use the new Application Management features you may need to tweak your Learncycles
    • Change to use new Application Status or Status Reason fields instead of Enrolment Status and Status Reason fields
    • Add new Learncycles to create Tasks, Emails or SMS based on new Application Expiry Date field (eg. If Application Status = Pending and Expiry Date is Today then Email the Learner advising that the application has expired, set the status to Rejected)
  • If you used central enquiry course offers to prevent rejected applications from dirtying your enrolment list, you can stop. You no longer need to do this as these records will be kept separated in the new Application section.
  • All EXISTING records at time of release will be considered as an Enrolment. The existing enrolment status will remain and the Application Status will be set to Accepted. You can manually revert an Enrolment to be set as an Application.

Learn more about Education Sales Management.

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Introducing Application Management

Education Sales Management presented to you by our top presenters, Ash and Alister.

15/06/2021  43mins59secs

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