How To Generate a Report

You can choose between a Basic Report which allows you to generate information from Wisenet quickly and easily. Filters can also be applied to extract more specific data. Or, choose an Advanced Report which allows for a more targeted and specific Report to be generated. Instructions on how to generate both are provided below.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Reports

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: How to Find the Right Report


Navigate to LRM > Reports


Choose your Report

Select the Report you wish to generate. Not sure? See Wisenet Reports

Learn More? How to Find the right Report


Choose from Basic or Advanced
Subscribe to Report (Optional)

In Step 2 of the Reports select Yes to Subscribe.

How to Subscribe to a Report

Select your Date Range if required
  1. If you do not wish to filter your report go to Step 3.
  2. Click on the Dropdown box under Date Filter
  3. All date fields for your report will be listed – choose the date field you wish to filter by (if this is not selected, your report will not be filtered)
  4. In the second drop down select the date range (eg. today, tomorrow, next week etc)
    • Note: If you did not select to subscribe to this report, you will have the option to custom enter in your own date range
Select your Criteria
  1. In Step 2 of Reports and under General Filter, Select Basic
  2. From the Dropdown box, Select the first filter that you wish to apply
    • i.e: Course Offer Description – CONTAINS – Business Admin
  3.  If you wish to add a second filter, change the Bracket to ‘And‘ and a new filter row will appear. Repeat Steps 2-3 (if required)
Apply your Criteria
  1. In Step 2 Select Advanced
  2. Enter the criteria you want to focus your report on. This is the same process as generating a Basic Report
  3. The Advanced allows you to Add multiple criteria for the same field, by selecting select OR (instead of AND)
Apply Criteria with Brackets

Brackets are used if you want to group key information under a particular Field.

For example:

If you wanted to see all Learners in your Business Course Offers that have an Enrolment Status of either Pending or Current.

  • Current or Pending


  • In Business Course Offers
  1. Apply all the criteria you want to use (see previous steps)
  2. On the right hand side select the terms you want grouped together.
  3. Click on the Bracket icon to group together


Finalise by choosing the format of your Report

In Step 3 of the Reports you are required to select your Output Method

  1. Generate Report – A formatted version of the Report
    • Select Back to Reports if it is not correct or
    • Select a format to download and then click Export
  2. Excel –  Raw Data
  3. XML- Raw Data

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