Highlights: April 2021

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Can you believe it’s the second quarter of 2021! After a year of global uncertainty and postponement we have finished work on a number of long running projects. We’ve also laid the foundations for a number of other exciting new features which we will be able to show some early previews of in the coming week, stay tuned!

This edition of Highlights focuses on improvements to compliance, the launch of our Canvas Connector, the new and improved Opportunity List, Event Alerts, and Xero Integration enhancements.

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know your thoughts on the latest developments.

Alister Smith
Business Innovation Manager

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Major Updates

Connect Canvas to Wisenet! Introducing the Canvas Connector

Our Elearning Connector portfolio is growing! We are pleased to welcome Canvas to our Elearning Connector series where you can now easily integrate with Canvas! This is great news for our Canvas customers as you can also benefit from automating your elearning management. The first release is focused on Enrolment Management within Wisenet where you can:

  • Sync Courses from Canvas to Wisenet
  • Sync Users and Enrolments from Wisenet to Canvas
  • Sync Grades from Canvas to Wisenet (coming soon)

Learn how you can connect Canvas to Wisenet!

New Opportunity List viewing features

Previously on Opportunities board you could only manage the board by clicking, dragging and dropping opportunities. The board is great, but can be harder to work with when wanting to work with a list of records. The new Opportunity List view allows you to change the way you view, filter, and interact with Opportunity records. You can toggle between the board and list views. Now you have more control when it comes to your Opportunities view!

Once you have your filtered list of records, you can select one or more records and then choose a bulk action to edit or delete Opportunities. This is the first iteration of the new list design that we will be introducing elsewhere soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Manage Opportunities easily with more viewing options!

Get Event Alerts for greater insight and action!

Event Alerts are designed to provide greater insight into when there are issues with specific integration events, such as a Learner not syncing to Xero or Moodle. We have launched this for Xero and TCSI so far. Elearning will be included in the next 1-2 weeks.

The new Event Alerts section is available in the Reports tab and allows you to view, resolve, and acknowledge any alerts. The home dashboard also contains a count of any unacknowledged alerts with a quick link through to the Alert section.

Learn how you can set up Event Alerts

The Xero Integration enhancements just got better

The entire Xero integration has been rewritten to accommodate a new technical approach as well as utilise Xero’s new authentication requirements. There are a lot of hidden benefits from these changes plus a few that the user will experience:

  • The Learner will now sync immediately and not within a 5 minute schedule like before.
  • Resync options now allow greater sync date ranges making it easier to onboard or resolve any sync issues
  • Xero has strict minute and daily limits. The new design better queues records when limits or errors occur and automatically retries.
  • Less likely to lose connection with Xero due to improvements in the authentication design.
  • Improvements to the Xero connected apps screen so users can see which Xero account is linked and with improved resync options.

See how we’ve made life easier for you with our new Xero Integration

Minor Updates


We initially launched our new logbook but decided to roll back to the old version while we made a number of changes thanks to our customer’s feedback. We are still working on this feedback and will launch the new version again soon.

Compliance Updates



  • Lots of tweaks to TCSI streaming and event alerts
  • Changes to CANs / Invoice logic
  • Support for Exit Award

South Africa



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