How To Use Agent Logbook

Agent Logbook is where all your File NotesTasksEmails, and uReports are recorded and saved for an agent.

Required Knowledge: Agents and Logbook

Required LRM Access: Owner, Admin

File Notes

File Notes let you record any information from uploaded files to portfolio links; to scanned documents; to generated uReports. You can create a File Note manually or automatically.

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Tasks can be created from various  locations within Wisenet. A list of all the Tasks in all Logbooks can then be viewed by anyone with an LRM Admin access.

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uReports are generated from templates.  Wisenet provides a set of generic templates and allows you to create and upload custom templates.

If this is the first time your company is generating uReport, we recommend to first test the process using our generic templates. Then once confident with the process you can create your custom templates for live situations.

Learn How To Generate a uReport

You can create your own custom uReport templates to add your own formatting, layout and changes to fields. You can create:

  • Agent Contracts
  • Agent Promotional Info
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Other Agent management docs

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There are different options to send email messages in Wisenet.  It can be done via Logbook or uReport.  Your sent email messages are saved in the Logbook.

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