Introducing Learncycles

Learncycles allow you to automate standard processes within a Learner’s Lifecycle from enquiry to completion. They carry out activities triggered by key conditions in the Learner’s Lifecycle. So instead of remembering what to do at each step of an enrolment, set up Learncycles to complete activities for you. 


These are the Activities that can be automated by Learncycles:

  • Create a Task
  • Send an Email
  • Send an SMS
  • Generate a uReport
  • Update Learner
    • Activate/Inactivate Learner
    • Enable/Disable Learner App access
    • Enable/Disable Sync to Xero
    • Set Learner App expiry date
  • Update Course Enrolment
  • Update Unit Enrolment

Activities are grouped together into a Learncycle with a specific Trigger Condition, Trigger Date and Audience. This allows automation to be segregated based on processes such as:

  • The stage of the Learner’s lifecycle e.g. Enquiry or Completed
  • The type of Course Offers e.g. short courses, ELICOS or international 

Trigger Conditions

Learncycles are set up with Trigger Conditions that determine how the Learncycle should be triggered. Currently the Trigger Condition options are based on the following conditions:

  • Course Enrolment/Application is Created
  • Unit Enrolment is Created
  • Application Status is a defined value
  • Application Status Reason is a defined value
  • Course Enrolment Status is a defined value
  • Course Enrolment Status Reason is a defined value
  • Unit Enrolment Outcome Code is a defined value
  • Unit Enrolment Result is a defined value

Trigger Date

Defines when the Learncycle should be triggered:

  • Immediately: On creation or updated conditions
  • Scheduled: Relative to defined date scheduling logic e.g. 1 day – After – Course Enrolment Start Date


Defines what records the Learncycle applies to:

  • All Course Offers: No audience filter. Will trigger for any Course Enrolment/Application.
  • Specific Course Offers based on Lists: Will trigger for Course Enrolments linked to the specified Course Offer List.

Below is a visual interpretation of Learncycle Workflows:

Wisenet-Learncycle Workflows


  • If you are on our Premium Edition, you will be able to use ALL Learncycle Trigger conditions to carry out Activities.
  • If you are on our Standard Edition, you will ONLY be able to use the When Course Enrolment/Application is Created Learncycle Trigger. There is NO Scheduling option. You will also not be able to add uReports or SMS activities.
    • If you would like to inquire about our Premium Edition, please contact us via phone or support.

Why Automate your Processes

Wisenet-Learncycles-Task icon

1. Create Tasks

Save time and never miss an important task.

Use Learncycles to add Tasks based on Trigger events. The Tasks will be saved in the relevant Logbook. Use Tasks to get an overview of all activities to easily prioritise your work.

Wisenet-Learncycles-Email icon

2. Send Emails

A cost effective and efficient way to communicate with your Learners.

Use Learncycles to send individual or bulk email messages triggered by Course Enrolment / Unit Enrolment / Application updates. You can use inbuilt templates or custom templates.

Wisenet-Learncycles-SMS icon

3. Send SMS Messages

A quick and easy way to communicate with your Learners. Use Learncycles to make it quicker and easier.

Wisenet-Learncycles-Learner App icon

4. Send Learner App Invitations

Use Learncycles to save time – no more sending invitations manually.

Wisenet-Learncycles-Enrolment icon

5. Update Course Enrolment, Unit Enrolment, and Learner fields

Use Learncycles to update Course Enrolment, Unit Enrolment, and Learner records. 

Wisenet-Learncycles-Xero icon

6. Sync Learners to Xero

Use Learncycles to sync Learners to Xero to automatically generate invoices and sync the invoices and payments back to Wisenet.

Wisenet-Learncycles-More icon

7. Generate Documents

Use Learncycles to:

  • Generate uReports for a single Learner or for multiple Learners in a Course Offer/Unit Offer.
  • Email the uReport to each Learner (and other recipients).

How to make Learncycles work for you

Each training provider has their own unique policies and processes. However, all Learners go through the same stages on their journey:

  1. Application
  2. Progression
  3. Completion

Before you get started see examples of how you can make Learncycles work for you.

Learncycles Examples

How to get started?

Learncycles need to be carefully configured to ensure the automation does not accidentally trigger undesired activities.

Before you begin the setup, follow the instructions in the Best Practice and Go Live article.

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