What is uReport

uReport is an easy way to build and generate document templates such as Credentials, Letters of Offer, Welcome Letters, CAN’s, Training Plan and other General templates.

Wisenet provides you with a choice of pre-designed templates, however you can create and update your custom template as quickly as editing a Word document and uploading a file.

uReports are generated per Course Enrolment and are auto saved in the Learner Enrolment record for easy access. They can be run individually for a Learner, in bulk for multiple Learners in a course offer or automatically with Learncycles.  You can then download, print or email your personalised uReport document to each Learner or other recipients as an attachment.

uReport Template Types

uReport contains different Template Types depending on your requirements and these are detailed below with examples and images for illustration purposes only.

General Reports produce simple enrolment information. E.g. a Learner needs to provide proof of enrolment to immigration services or to obtain a public transport concession. Other ideas for how to use general reports:

  • welcome letter
  • orientation pack
  • pre-graduation
  • informal certificates such as certificates of attendance that should not appear in your credentials register

Several Credential templates are available to choose from or to customise.  The available Credential templates are:

  • Qualification Certificates
  • Statement of Results
  • Statement of Attainments
  • Academic Transcript
  • Statement / Certificate of Participation
  • Other Certificates or Testamurs

Learn more? Credentials

A Letter of Offer (Offer Letter) is a document which outlines the Courses offered to a Learner, the study period, fees and payment schedule.

Letter of Offer templates can be modified to include all required terms and conditions unique to each enrolment.

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The purpose of the Training Plan is to provide Learners (and employers if applicable) with estimated dates for when Unit Enrolments will commence, complete and how each will be assessed.

There are different templates for each Australian state-specific requirement.

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The Contract template type is currently used for:

  1. WA Enrolment Invoice
  2. Singapore Contract generation to meet FPS requirements

This is for Vet Student Loan and Fee Help requirements only.

The following documents to be produced periodically throughout the course enrolment:

  • Invoice Notice
  • Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

Learn more? Invoice and Assistance Notice

How to Generate a uReport

uReports are generated from templates.  Wisenet provides a set of generic templates and allows you to create and upload custom templates.

If this is the first time your company is generating uReport, we recommend to first test the process using our generic templates. Then once confident with the process you can create your custom templates for live situations.

How To Generate a uReport

How to Generate uReport via Learncycle

You can streamline this process by automatically generating uReports when the Course Enrolment meets a specific trigger condition using the Learncycle feature.

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What is Learncycle

How to Generate uReport with Learncycle

How to Create a Custom uReport Template

You can create your own custom uReport templates to add your own formatting, layout and changes to fields.

Learn how to Create a Custom uReport Template

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