Elearning Integration

How Elearning Integration works

Our Elearning Integration allows you to link Wisenet LRM to your chosen LMS in order to simplify managing Elearning Users, Enrolments, Groups and Grades.  This is achieved with:

  1. Elearning Courses are automatically kept in sync with Wisenet
  2. Map Elearning Course to Wisenet Courses
  3. Easily manage Elearning Enrolments within Wisenet alongside Course / Unit Enrolments
  4. Use automation that Enables / Disables Elearning access based on Learner progression
  5. Users, Enrolments and Groups are automatically created and updated within the LMS based on Elearning Enrolment setup in Wisenet
  6. Set up Grade Mapping Rules in Wisenet to align with your grading needs
  7. Elearning Grade events are automatically synced to Wisenet and updates Unit Enrolment grade fields based on Grade Rules

Getting started with Elearning Integration

Elearning Integration has a number of set up processes with each App having their own Connected App found in the LRM > Settings > Integration > Connected Apps page. If you are unable to connect to the App then log a support request and one of our Customer Engagement Team member will be in contact with you to organise the required license for Connected Apps.

Once you have access to your relevant LMS App in the Connected Apps section in Wisenet, simply follow the guidelines below on how to set up.

Set Up


Before you begin, you need to:

  1. Correctly configure your Elearning Plaftform
  2. Set up your Elearning courses

Connect Elearning Application

This step is within the Connected Apps section of Wisenet and it should be a one time process. It is important to follow the steps comprehensively to establish a two-way integration to sync Elearning Courses, Elearning Enrolments and Grades.

How to Set Up Canvas Connected App

How to Set Up Moodle Connected App

Set Up Elearning Enrolments Rules

Elearning Enrolment Rules are set against Course Enrolments and Unit Enrolments.  You will use the rules to automate the Elearning enrolment process. For example, you can set rules around enabling Elearning access with reference to Course Enrolment or Unit Enrolment Start and End Date.

How to Set Up Elearning Enrolment Rules in Wisenet

Link Elearning Courses to Wisenet Course Offers

With the help of the WebHooks plugin installed in your LMS, you will be able to:

  1. Retrieved Courses from your LMS and link them to their respective Course Offers in Wisenet
  2. Sync changes that occurs in your LMS Courses to auto-update in your Wisenet Course Offers, such as: Course Name, Course Start and End Dates
    • NOTE for Moodle Courses: Elearning courses are updated only when there is a change made to Moodle courses and not to Moodle Course Categories. If you make changes to a Moodle Course Category (i.e. Category name change), you will have to resync the courses manually.

How to Link Elearning Courses to Wisenet Course Offers

Add, Edit or Delete Elearning Enrolments in Wisenet

Once Elearning Courses have been linked to Wisenet Course Offers and Unit Offers you can then manage the Elearning Enrolments. Elearning Enrolments can be managed from either

  1. Course Offer > Elearning > Enrolments
  2. Learner > Learner Access > Elearning

Here you can add, edit, delete or resync Elearning Enrolments.

How to Add, Edit, Delete Elearning Enrolments

Set Up Auto Grade (For Premium Edition only)

LRM users with Owner role can define multiple Auto Grade Rules and configure conditions to automatically update certain Unit Enrolment fields when a grade is submitted to Wisenet from an elearning application. (For eg: Result, Outcome etc.) The Unit Enrolment field called ‘Final’ will be automatically set to the received grade value.

Learn More? Auto Grade

How to Set Up Auto Grade Moodle Plugin


Set Up Auto Grade Rules

Learn how to define multiple Auto Grade Rules and configure conditions to automatically update certain Unit Enrolment fields when a grade is submitted to Wisenet.

How to Set Up Auto Grade Rules

Link Auto Grade Rules to Unit Offers

This function allows you to bulk set the Grade Rule as a default at the Course offer or Unit Offer level

How to link Auto Grade Rules to Unit Offers

Set Up Grade Categories in Moodle

The Auto Grade Moodle plugin enables you to set the grades from Moodle to automatically update Unit Enrolment Fields such as Outcome, Result and End Dates in Wisenet LRM. This feature works for both Australia and New Zealand and is designed for the flexibility to update 1 or more Wisenet Unit Enrolments based on grading of 1 or more Moodle assignments.

How to Set Up Grade Categories in Moodle for Auto Grade

Set Up Assignments in Canvas for Auto Grade

All the individual assignments/assessments per Unit can be organised into Assignment Groups in Canvas.

How to Set Up Assignments in Canvas for Auto Grade

Monitor and Process Grade Activities

You can monitor grade events known as Auto Grade Activities to ensure the correct grade values are being updated.

How to Monitor and Process Grade Activities