Introducing Sales

Wisenet Sales allows your business to more effectively nurture sales relationships. This is designed to:

  • Simplify sales contact and opportunity management
  • Allow logbook activity tracking of all interactions with a sales contact
  • Improve transparency of sales progress
  • Integrate directly into the rest of LRM

Accessing the Sales section

The Sales Section has been designed to extend functionality for existing Admin and User access roles for customers that have full LRM.

Two additional access roles have been added to allow the restriction of access to ONLY the Sales Section. They are Sales and Sales Admin and can be setup in the Portal by the Portal Admin.

Learn More? How to Set Up User Access

  • Sales
    • will have access to:
      • Sales:
        • Sales Dashboard
        • Sales Contacts
        • Opportunities
      • Organisations:
        • Workplaces
        • Agents
  • Sales Admin
    • will have the same access as Sales role plus access to specific settings such as:
      • Organisational Details
      • Dropdown Lists
      • Email Templates
    • and, can delete:
      • Opportunitities
      • Sales Contacts
      • Sale Logbooks

Sales Settings

Sales Dropdowns

There are a number of Sales Dropdowns that can be edited and customised by Admins.

We recommend all customers review their Opportunity Dropdowns, especially Opportunity Stage

How To Set Up Sales Custom Dropdowns

Email Templates

Email templates can be configured for the Sales Contact section.

Learn More? How To Create and Edit an Email Template

Enquiry Management

The Wisenet Sales section is designed to manage the Enquiry and Opportunity stage of the sales lifecycle. With insight into both the current and historical Sales activities on your Sales Dashboard, managing Enquiries through Sales is not only made easier, but it also allows you to focus on stand alone sales activities without interacting with other LRM sections.

You can set up Sales Contacts and Sales Opportunity at the Enquiry stage.

Sales Contacts

A Sales Contact is any person that your company markets, sells or partners with. They are the record in which sales activities are logged against whether it is a logbook or an Opportunity.

You have full visibility of all your Sales Contacts with the option to categorise by:

  • Learner
  • Workplace Contact
  • Agent Contact

Each Sales Contact requires a unique email address to prevent adding duplicates and simplify contact management with online enquiries. You will be alerted when adding a Contact with an existing email address.

When viewing a Sales Contact, you will also see any linked Opportunities and/or Logbook Activities.

How To Add Sales Contacts

Sales Logbook

The Logbook section in Sales allows you to add, view and edit:

  • File Notes
  • Tasks, and
  • Email Messages

Activities to the Sales Logbook can also be created when you are adding a Sales Contact by clicking on the Add Activity button.

Learn More? Logbook

Sales Opportunity

The Sales functionality in Wisenet will help track business leads for your organisation through recording Opportunities.

Opportunities are recorded against Sales Contacts where the following information about a potential sale is recorded:

  • Opportunity Source
  • Opportunity Stage
  • Opportunity Type
  • Close Lost Reason
  • Sales Contact Stage

Under the Sales Tab, you’ll find Opportunities on the left navigation bar. On the Opportunity Board, you can:

  • Add New Opportunity
  • Search Opportunities
  • Filter by Owner
  • Filter by Open or Close
  • Drag and Drop an Opportunity in their new respective Stage

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Please Note:

  • Sales combined with LRM allows Sales information to be displayed against Learners, Workplaces and Agents. Learn More? Sales Reports


The Organisations section in Wisenet allows you to manage Agents and Workplaces.

Learn More?



This allows you to link a Workplace Contact to a Workplace, an Agent Contact to an Agent, and a Sales Contact of type Learner to Learner Record.

NOTE: Linking Learners is only available for user of full LRM with Non Sales role access.

NOTE: When a Learner is added in LRM, it is automatically added as Sales Contact based on email address.

Application Management

We are working on a new Application Management stage that will bridge the existing Enrolment process with the new Sales section. Rather than creating an Enrolment for an Enquiry or Application, you will instead create an Application that will need to be Accepted or Rejected.

Once an Application Status is set to Accepted, it will then become visible as an Enrolment. This will also allow us to simplify Online Applications directly into a Course Offer.

STAY TUNED!more to come soon