Onboarding: Enrolment

The third stage of your Onboarding is referred to as your Becoming Operational: Enrolment.

Now that you have laid the foundations for your delivery we can go deeper into the key functions of Wisenet that will allow you to reach your organisational goals.

In Becoming Operational: Enrolment you will learn: How to Create Course Offers and Unit Offers; How to Add and Enrol Learners.

Please allow approximately 1hr + to go through these areas. Time will vary depending on your enrolments.

At any stage you can go back to the Onboarding Page

Some steps have country specific instructions and those steps are labelled with a FLAG icon in a grey message box identical to this message box. Simply follow the NOTES if/when applicable.


NOTE: Step 1 is applicable to Australia Only!

Course Offer Enrolment Type

Are you delivering CRICOS courses? If yes, follow the International Journey process.

For any other Enrolment type, follow the Enrolment process below:

Navigate to LRM > Course Offers


Course Offers

Your Course Offers are critical in establishing how you will be delivering Courses in your Organisation. Knowing what type of Course Offer to create for different contracts and calendar years is important for future ease in reporting and maintenance.

Here you will learn:

Discover more about Course Offers


Unit Offers

Your Unit Offers are linked to your Course Offers and therefore, future enrolments. Attention and care is needed to follow the steps to ensure best practice.

Here you will learn:

Discover more about Unit Offers

NOTE: This note is applicable to Australia Only!

Depending on your delivery you many also want to explore



A Learner is anyone that you would enrol into a Course Offer; however, you can add a Learner without enrolling them. This allows you to have all of their information ready. If you do not have Learners yet please read the sections for future planning and come back to this step when you’re ready. Alternatively, you can always add a Test Learner.

Here you will learn:

  • Add a Learner
  • Required fields
  • Personalise their profile with a photo

Discover more about Learners


Learner App

This application works like a Home Page for Learners. It is sometimes referred to as a Student Portal. It is recommended that you explore this free application as it can save you a lot of administration time and is a good way to connect with Learners.  Here Learners can update their personal details, view calendars, results, invoices, link through to eLearning (if available), access key documents (Logbook).

Here you can learn how to:

  • Set Up Access
  • Settings
  • Integrating features

Discover more about Learner App



Enrolling Learners into a Course Offer is a simple process however, it does require ongoing monitoring and updating.

You do not need to know how to do everything in the Enrolment process at this stage. We do recommend that you read through all the components to widen your understanding of Wisenet and come back to at a later point to improve your Enrolment process.

If you do have Enrolments and want to just get started we recommend that you follow the process including and up to Enrol Learner.

Here you can:

  • Enrol a Learner
  • Discover Checklists
  • Understand how to monitor Enrolments

Discover more about Enrolments

Onboarding: Enrolment is Completed

You have now completed your third stage of Onboarding!

You have discovered how to:

  • What Course Offer best suits your delivery
  • Creating Course Offers and linking Unit Offers
  • Add a Learner
  • Enrol a Learner into a Course Offer
  • Additional steps in the Enrolment process
Next: Becoming Operational Extend

You are now ready for the next step of Onboarding: Becoming Operational Extend

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