Onboarding: Connect

The sixth stage of your Onboarding is referred to as Grow your Business: Connect

In this stage you will learn how to connect to different integration for use within your Wisenet.  These applications are not requirements but do assist with creating a more streamlined approach to use.

In Becoming Operational Connect you will discover: how to use the Learner App, connecting your Xero and Survey Monkey accounts, other applications that are available such as Online Enrolment and CRM.

Please allow approximately 2-3hrs to go through these areas. This time will depend on the size of your organisational requirements however, it can be completed in sections.

At any stage you can go back to the Onboarding Page


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Learner App

This application works like a Home Page for Learners. Here they can view calendars, results, invoices, link through to eLearning (if available), access key documents (Logbook).

Here you can learn how to:

  • Set Up Access
  • Settings
  • Integrating features

Discover more about Learner App


Trainer App

A Trainer can use Wisenet but not have access to all of the features it functions as their own profile with classes allowing them to mark attendance.  

Here you will learn how to:

  • What areas they have access to
  • How to mark attendance

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Integrated Apps

There are several Apps that you have access to. Some of these are free integrations however, you will need to have a subscription with the third party provider. The other applications are additions to you license.

If you have access to these as part of your license they will appear on your Portal Profile page.

Here you will learn about integration with:

Grow your Business Connect is now Completed

We hope you enjoyed discovering more features of Wisenet and how you can utilise them for delivery in your organisation.

You now know about various applications and how you can utilise them for your organisation.

  • Learner App
  • Trainer App
  • Integrated App

If you would like to learn more about one of the applications please contact our Support team and log a ticket.

Next: Grow Your Business- Automation and Reports

You are now ready for the next step of Onboarding.

Grow Your Business- Automation and Reports

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