How To Set Up REST access for your organisation

Setting up REST access for your organisation is a 3 step process. See steps below for each and follow instructions as required.

If you have submitted the testing procedure and the Ministry confirms your REST access activation is successful, please skip to Step 3: Set Up your live account in Wisenet


Email the Ministry requesting access to NSI REST Interfacing (this is the web service)

Email Details

Email To Address: service.desk@education.govt.nz

Subject: Request NSI Rest Access



We are setting up our organisation to use the Wisenet SMS and need our NSI account to be activated to use the NSI REST Interface.

Our current details are:

TEO Provider Number: enter your details
Username: enter your details

We hope to be able to use the Wisenet compliant NSI interface as soon as possible, could you please provide us with REST access.


enter your details


Test before you set up your live account in Wisenet

Required Portal Access: Admin

Once you have received the testing procedure, web service username and password from the Ministry, you will need to test that the implemented NSI REST interface functions correctly and send the results back to them.

Please see our detailed How to Test NSI REST Interface guide on how to do so. 

Give yourself 3 hours to complete the testing procedure above and come back to this page once the Ministry has approved your documentation. 


Set Up your live account in Wisenet

Required Portal Access: Admin

Once the Ministry has confirmed that the activation of the REST access has been successful:

  • Navigate to Portal > My Account
  • Under the Actions column for the profile you want to edit, Click Show Settings
  • Scroll to look for the Wisenet heading
  • Enter and Save the following information into these fields:

  • Then, navigate to LRM > Learners
  • On the Left Navigation Bar, Click View All
  • Select a Learner to view the Learner’s Profile
  • Click Actions and Select Edit Personal
  • Next to the NSN Bar, Click on the Binoculars Icon to search for a Learner record by NSN or any other criteria
  • Click Search
  • Verify there are no errors displayed on screen.

If there are no errors, your Wisenet NSN REST Service is now live.

If there are red error messages appearing in your NSI REST interface, please see NSN FAQ to troubleshoot.

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