Trainer App

Introducing Trainer App

The Trainer App allows single login access to:

  • View enrolment details and history
  • View and edit classes and attendance
  • View and print reports

Trainers can view and modify data for your Training Organisation if they are linked as a trainer and have a Unit Enrolment attached to these main sections:

  • Learners
  • Enrolments
  • Classes
  • Reports and Attendance rolls
  • Tasks

Trainer App Functionality

  • The Trainer App can be configured to enable/disable functionality.  If you do not see specific controls then you may not have access to this feature
  • Each Trainer will only see records for the Unit Enrolments that they are linked to in the Trainer App

Learn More? Trainer App Functionality

Set Up

Configure Trainer App Settings

The Trainer App has a number of configuration settings that allows you to set what access and functionality Trainers have access to. The LRM Owner must first configure these settings before inviting Trainers to have access. Testing the settings can be achieved by:

View and Edit Trainer App Settings

Determine what Trainers can and can’t do in Wisenet by using the table provided and steps on how to configure settings in Wisenet.

How to View and Edit Trainer App Settings

Invite a New User

We recommend that every person that is accessing your Account has their own personal User Account. This makes it easy to track who has made changes in your system and for other security and access reasons. You are not limited to how many Users you have only how many are accessing your Account at the same time.

    • Note:
      • Be sure to set the country code correctly for the mobile number so the invitation will work properly
      • You still need to put a zero at the start of the mobile number
      • this service is not available for USA phone numbers at this time
  1. If you selected a Wisenet security level, an additional drop down will appear, does the staff members name appear in the dropdown list?:
    • Yes: This means that they have already been entered into the Staff section of Wisenet – click this option
    • No:  Then select No, Create new staff record – this will cause their record to be automatically created in the Staff section of Wisenet
  2. The My Contact Details section will list your name and contact details which will appear in the invitation email – add or change details if required
  3. Click Send – A confirmation message will now appear


  • If you know a staff member should appear in the list but does not then you need to ensure that the name in the invitation is an identical match to the first and last name in Wisenet staff section
  • Remember to link the Trainer to the relevant Course Offer(s) so they can view and access their the courses they are delivering
  • Always remember to Log Out

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