How To Link Staff to Courses and Units

Linking Staff to Courses and Units that they are qualified to deliver and assess will assist with compliance.

Staff can be approved to deliver all or a selection of Units attached to a Course. It is essential that the Course a staff member is approved to deliver is also ‘linked’ to the Units (especially for accredited courses) so that you can produce an accurate Staff Skills Matrix for audit purposes.

By linking your Trainers and Assessors to Course and Units , you can also view via the Course and Units pages a list of qualified delivery staff qualified to deliver a particular course or unit for planning purposes.

Required Knowledge: Course and Units

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Add a Course and Units , and  Add Staff


Navigate to  LRM > Staff


Link Individual Staff to Courses and Units
  1. Search for the relevant Staff member
  2. Select the Staff member
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar select Courses and Units
  4. Under the course list, click on Add Course
  5. Search for the Course
  6. Click Add next to the relevant Course
  7. Once added, on the right hand side select Action and Edit
  8. Select the Units that the Staff member is accredited to deliver in and click Add
  9. (Optional) You can record the date and the organisation that awarded the qualification to your staff member by adding the details in the Issuing Organisation and Issue Date fields
  10. Click Done when ready to finalise the linked Units

Note: The Trainer Portal requires the Courses and Units added to a Staff member, when the Staff member logs into their Trainer Portal they will be able to see the Learners that they are assigned to.


Link multiple Staff to a Course and Units
  1. Open the relevant Course
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar select Staff
  3. Any staff already linked will be listed.
  4. Click Action and Add 
  5. A list of staff marked as trainers will appear. Select the staff you want to add
  6. Save
  1. Open the relevant Unit
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar select Staff
  3. Any staff already linked will be listed.
  4. To add more  select Action and Add
  5. Select Staff
  6. Save