How To Add and Edit Staff

There are two ways to add a Staff in Wisenet, you can either send them an invite via the Portal or manually add them via the LRM.

If they do not require Wisenet access but their information needs to be recorded, the process is the same.

Required LRM Access: Owner, Admin, PowerUser (Note: PowerUser has no access to delete staff record).


Navigate to Wisenet Portal


Add Staff

When a Staff member is given a Wisenet Portal licence, they are automatically added to the Staff section. Only their name, mobile number and email will be added. You will need to edit the record in Wisenet and update their full details.

Learn more on: Portal Access Invite

  1. Navigate to  LRM > Staff
  2. (Optional but recommended) Search to see if the Staff record already exists
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Add New
  4. Complete all details, then click Save

If you do not indicate the type of role a staff member has this can limit their capacity to interact with your account.

  • Sales
  • Coordinators
  • Trainers
  • Assessors
  • Issuing Officer (Issue Credentials)


Attach Records

You are able to upload any documents that are relevant to the Staff member.

We recommend that you upload all documents that are required for auditing purposes such as:

  • Qualifications and Certificates
  • CV / Resumes
  • Working with Children / Minors checks
  • Police checks

File notes enable you to attach records to Staff. Learn more about File Notes  

Use Checklists to keep track of Staff files


Edit Staff Details
  1. Open the Staff record
  2. Click the Action and select Edit
  3. Update the relevant details
    • You must tick which role the staff has in order to give them certain access/functions in Wisenet. Eg Trainer, Coordinator, Assessor, Issuing Officer (Issues Credentials)
  4. Click Save


Delete Staff Details
  1. Open the Staff record
  2. Click the Action and select Delete
  3. Update the relevant details
  4. Click Save
    • If you are unable to delete the record and a message appears “Cannot delete because it is referenced”, it means it is linked to a Course, Enrolment or another area within Wisenet.

Before you Delete

  • Wisenet does not recommend that staff be completely deleted from your account. They can contain important information and be used as reference for past employees.
  • Is the staff member a duplicate record? You can simply merge rather than delete. How to Merge duplicate staff records
  • You can follow the steps for ‘Edit a Staff Record’ and untick their categories such as Trainer, Assessor, Coordinator. This way they will not appear as an option in the drop down.


The email field must be completed for all Staff. If they have a Wisenet Portal Login this email must be EXACTLY the same.