Unit Offers

Introducing Unit Offers

A Unit Offer represents the delivery instance of a Unit. It is always associated with a Course Offer and takes many of its default values from the Course Offer including:

  • Key data that applies to the group (such as the trainer/s, delivery location, methodology and assessment)
  • The government reporting requirements that apply to Learner course and unit enrolments (such as funding type)

NOTE: It is important that the Course Offer is created accurately to avoid errors with enrolments and for correct reporting.

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Set Up Unit Offers

Within your various Course Offers you can set up multiple Unit Offers to meet your needs. Within an individual Course Offers, you may have all your Learners who are doing a particular Unit in the same Unit Offer or you may choose to set up a separate Unit Offer for groups of Learners that will have similar Unit Enrolment data, such as:

  1. Delivery and assessment dates
  2. Key data that applies to the group (such as the trainer/s, delivery location, methodology and assessment)

The decision depends on the number of students you need to manage in each scenario.

How to Add Unit Offers

How to View and Edit a Unit Offer

How to Copy a Unit Offer 

How to Delete a Unit Offer

How to Add, Edit or Delete Unit Groups

How to Add, Edit, or Delete Units of Study

How to Copy Unit Groups and Units of Study

Unit Offer Fields: Australia

Unit Offer Fields: New Zealand

Streamline Course Enrolment

Once the Course Offer and Unit Offers have been created there is an opportunity to streamline how you choose your Learners to enrol.

To see how this can work with your organisation read the links below.

Enrol Learners

Learners can be enrolled into a generic Course Offer and their personalised enrolment details are changed at this stage.

When Learners are enrolled into a Course Offer the specific Unit Offers are selected

  1. Select the Learners to enrol

How to Enrol Learners 

How to Bulk Add or Remove Unit Enrolments 

Reference: Unit Offer Enrolment Fields

Manage Enrolments

As the Learner progresses through the Course Offer different fields need to be updated for accurate reporting.

Give Learners access to the Learner App 

There are many fields that can be updated in bulk.

How to Bulk Update

Reporting: Internal and External

As Learners progress through the Course Offer it is important to update their records regularly.

Progression Management is extremely critical to ensure accurate records for compliance and external reporting.

Internal reports can be generated to obtain key information pertaining to Course Offers and Unit Offers.

External Report information can be found through our  AVETMISS page

Finalise a Unit Offer

When a Learner completes a Unit Offer you will need to ensure all appropriate fields have been completed.

How To Finalise a Learner

Additional Steps

Complete Course Enrolment