Introducing Learncycle

Learncycle is about automating different standard processes within a Learner’s Lifecycle from enrolment to completion. For example, it allows you to automatically update records and create Tasks, Documents and Messages which is triggered by key events in the Learner’s Lifecycle and on your set schedule.

There are many different ways you can use Learncycles within your organisation. We have compiled a few ideas to get you started by taking you through the different stages a Learner would go through.

To automate processes, Learncycles need to be set up with trigger logic that determines when the Learncycle should be triggered. Currently the trigger options are based on the following events:

  • Event 1: Course enrolment is created
  • Event 2: Course enrolment status changes
  • Event 3: Course enrolment status reason changes

Once a trigger condition is met it will initiate any set up activity to trigger. Activities can be described as a set of rules and conditions that you can create to then trigger a desired action/outcome in Wisenet, such as:

  • Create a Task
  • Send a Message
  • Generate a uReport
  • Update the System

Example below:

Learn_learncycle trigger conditions


  • If you are on our Premium Edition, you will be able to use ALL three Learncycle Trigger conditions.
  • If you are on our Standard Edition, you will ONLY be able to use the Learncycle Trigger condition of: When Course Enrolment is created
    • If you would like to inquire about our Premium Edition, please contact us by filling this Enquiry Form and one of our representatives will be in contact with you.

Best Practice – Pre Going Live

Learncycles need to be carefully configured to ensure the automation does not accidentally trigger undesired activities. Follow the instructions below.


Diagram first

Draw a flow chart of a process within your business, for example, Enrolment.

You may like to consider these questions:

  • What tasks and subprocesses happen?
  • Do you have message and document templates for each step?
  • To what extent are you free to change these processes?
  • What stakeholders need to be consulted?

Learn More? Enrolment Status


Learncycle Activities
  1. For the processes in step 1, decide which ones you think are best fitted for automation
    • If you can already imagine how to set up the learncycle activity, you’re probably on the right track
  2. Draw or write how the activities would be set up
    • Trigger condition, activity type, activity settings
    • e.g. When enrolment status reason is changed to pending and status reason is ‘Letter of Offer’, generate a uReport with Letter of Offer template and send to learner immediately with ‘LoO’ message template
    • Use sticky notes and put your activities on your process diagram


Before you create Learncycle Activities for your live Course Offers and Learners, we suggest that you do some testing with dummy Course Offers and Learners. And before you proceed with creating dummy course offers and Learners, it is important to understand how Course OffersEnrolments and Logbooks work.

Follow the instructions below to continue:

Set Up a Sandpit
  1. Sandpit setup
  2. Enrol your test Learner into your Course Offer, and put them through all the Learncycle Trigger Conditions (as per instructions below)
Add Learncycle Activities

Activities can be described as a set of rules and conditions that you can create to then trigger a desired action/outcome in Wisenet. Once you have enrolled your test learner to the dummy course offer, put them through all the Learncycle trigger conditions you can set.  The purpose of this is to check that each activity works as expected.  You may need to update your test Course Offer Learncycle as required.

Learn More? How to Add Learncycle Activities


  1. Test and check that each Learncycle Activity fires as expected
    • NOTE: If you’ve got messages scheduled for the future, you may not be able to test this all in one day. However, you can set the message to send sooner and then change that setting for the real live Course Offer
  2. Update your test Course Offer learncycle as required
  3. Keep testing until it’s right – Test each Learncycle Activity to make sure that they are all working as expected and repeat until it’s just right.
Warning, please note:
  • If you change the enrolment status back and forth, it can trigger the same Learncycle multiple times. Make sure your staff know this!
  • Changing the enrolment status back will not cancel out the previously triggered Learncycle Activities!

Go Live!

  1. Set Up your Course Offers
  2. Create your Learncycle Activities
  3. Train your staff

Import Learncycle Activities

In order to minimise data entry related to adding Learncycle Activities to many pre-existing Course Offers, you have the option in Wisenet to Import Learncycle Activities from one Course Offer to another Course Offer.

Learn More? How to Import Learncycle Activites

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