New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA)

Introducing NZQA

New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) is responsible for managing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework and Wisenet lets you export records of Learners’ attainment in New Zealand Qualifications Authority unit standards and national qualifications.

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Introducing NZQA Reporting

There are three types of reporting you can export for NZQA.  Read further information below for each.

The NZQA Result Export, also known as the F23 Export, is used to report completed Unit Standards to the Ministry.

Unit Standard Enrolments can only be reported once and hence the export has been designed to restrict previously exported units. During the export process, you can select which competent unit enrolments that you want to export grouped by course offer. Once exported you will see the export history and you can reject an export file should you need to export it again.

The NZQA Qualification Export, also known as the QE1 Export, is used to export completed qualifications which will then be attached to the person’s NSI record.

The NZ Diploma of Business (NZDIPBUS) results must be reported with a grade outcome of A+, A, B+, B, C, D, E, F, or P. These will be added as client unit enrolment ‘results’.

Note: Required Fields

The Required Fields for NZQA are located in the Course, Unit, and Enrolment sections.

Set Up for Correct Reporting

If you are required to complete NZQA reporting, it is important that you incorporate specific NZQA field collection and processes into your Course Offer, Learner and Enrolment setup. The requirements change slightly depending on how you Set Up your Wisenet database for correct reporting.

Set Up Correct Reporting for:

NZQA Unit Standard record – F23
NZQA Qualification Completion – QE1
NZ Diploma of Business – NZDIPBUS


Prepare for Exports

While this is not strictly required, it is however recommended, as it allows you to proactively complete your data integrity checks to ensure

  • The right amount of data is being reported
  • There isn’t any incorrect data

Learn about Data Integrity Reports for NZ

Run your NZQA Exports

Once you are ready to export the NZQA data you can follow the export steps.

How to Export NZQA F23 Data

How to Export NZQA QE1 Data

How to Export NZDIPBUS Data