How To Set Up for Correct UIP Reporting

The UIP integration is designed to simplify the user experience and not just meet the UIP government requirements. Determine how you wish to structure your Components UIP before you proceed with completing the UIP setup.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Components and Unit Standards

Required LRM Access: Admin


Determine how you wish to structure your Components


Determine the Units and Course Enrolments that need to be configured for UIP data collection
  • Is it all active course enrolments? Or specific course offers?

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Set ForUIP flag to TRUE
  1. For each UIP record you will need to go to each Unit and Course Enrolment and turn ForUIP = True
    • This process will outline if there are any issues that need to be fixed for each record

Learn More? UIP Fields Guidelines

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Review and Resolve any issues
  1. Once that is configured, you will need to run report 2082 and export as Excel to review linked Unit Enrolments
  2. Resolve any issues outlined in the report which is marked in Red
    • The cells marked in Yellow is just a warning. If not resolved, that record won’t be reported to UIP

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